Romar Peart: The Expression Enthusiast

Money isn’t the main motivator for Romar Peart. His love for the art and desire to do more is a driving force for his modelling. Raised in Kingston, Jamaica Romar had a long list of things he wanted to be before he steadied his eyes on modelling. His love for animals putting a veterinarian on the list along with doing photography, writing, marketing and programming. But, with all his varying interests, modelling caught him at first glance.

Romar Peart always had a creative personality, but had a hard time finding how to express it. Believing that humans are creative beings, he was determined to find his outlet. When he did his first shoot as a model, he found what he was looking for. Finally finding his mode of expression and a way to channel all his creative juices. A few more photo shoots and a portfolio later he decided he would put his all into modelling.

Romar Peart
Photo Credit: Sean Wilson

At the start of his career, agencies thought Romar was “too short”. That only fuelled his dire for success, pushing him to prove them wrong and keep going. He admits it’s a little difficult juggling school, a 9-5 and his career as a model. Similarly, he acknowledges that there aren’t as many opportunities in Jamaica for male models as he would like, but that hasn’t discouraged him.

He wants to be able to create more opportunities for himself and others who are struggling. Encouraging those wishing to enter the world of modelling to enter for the sake of passion because trying times may arise. So, him being his own inspiration and biggest motivator, he’s always wants more even when things don’t go his way.

Romar Peart
Photo Credit: Sean Wilson

More From Romar Peart

And more is exactly what Romar Peart did. His recent cameo in the ‘Not Another Word’ music video of Protoje, Lila Ike and Agent Sasco has been the proudest moment in his career so far. Seeing his face plastered on the side of a truck centred in video had Peart feeling conflicted. Not knowing if he should be calm or be overcome with excitement. But overall, being featured in such a huge production was amazing for him.

Even though Romar’s days are usually extremely busy, he tries his best to find me-time. Art of all forms are important in is life. So he always starts his day with some music, then ends it with some anime or FIFA. But, on his me-days, he visits the National Art Gallery or goes to his favourite restaurant to wind down and refresh himself.

Romar hopes to do more international projects. Admiring their appreciation for the models, he wants to do more work with overseas agencies and designers; setting his eyes on New York. Putting his hopes high, mentioning he would also love to work with Raf Simons. Set on building himself and likewise, creating more spaces for others in the industry to exercise their love for modelling.  He’s doing it for the love, so let’s see where his passion carries him next.

I want to create opportunities for myself and others.
-Romar Peart