Breanna Nicola: A Passion For Fashion

Fashion has been around and evolving for centuries. Used as a form of expression all around the world, fashion is the bookmark to culture. Amberation got the chance to speak at length with 23-year-old fashion connoisseur, Breanna Nicola Knights. Breanna allowed us a view into her mind as an entrepreneur. She wears the hats of fashion designer, hairdresser, and all round She-EO respectively.

Breanna Nicola discovered her passion for sewing at a tender age. Learning how to hand sew at the age of eight by her father; who grew tired of replacing her lost doll clothing; she began sewing scraps of old clothing together. By junior high Knights knew she wanted to immerse herself in the fashion world. Upgrading her process from hand sewn to using the sewing machines in her home economics class. Knights knew fashion was her passion. Fully focused on having a career in fashion, she pursued and successfully graduated with her bachelors in Design and Merchandising.

Breanna Nicola

Her impending role in the fashion industry became evident to her when she felt the insistent urge to create her own personal pieces. People began gravitating towards the individuality and uniqueness of the designs. Breeana’s art began with her. Seeing how people were inspired, gave her the push to create a brand of clothing that allowed people to look and feel their best.

Hardships are something every entrepreneur has to face while making a name for themselves. Breanna was no different. In reality, she realized that she was struggling to balance her job as a visual merchandiser at Forever 21 while still covering her branding. She could no longer do it alone, it became overwhelming for the young entrepreneur. This prompted her to create a team of driven and like-minded persons with the vision to allow a seamless display of her talents.

Breanna Nicola

The Year Of Breanna Nicola

As of late, Breanna’s creativity has been receiving tremendous feedback. Giving her audience a face and personality behind the brand, has made the experience more personal for the young style muse. The ability to effectively capture the personality of each client that comes her way male or female keeps her grounded. Whether it be slaying a hairstyle or sewing an outfit she’s all hands on deck in making her name in this industry.

Plans are in the pipeline to launch a website in the near future, while collaborating with her best friend on a new swimsuit line this summer. Knights has set her sights on expanding her reach to begin designing for artists on a local spectrum. Breanna Nicola has her hands full, but wouldn’t have it any other way. She plans to conquer each step to becoming successful fashionably laced in one mini skirt at a time.

Your business is your lifestyle, you must always be willing to invest. – Brianna Nicola