Minus Daniel: Riding Around The World

Any average Joe can ride a bicycle, but can any average Joe do a 360° mid-air spin or a truck-driver spin on a bicycle? I didn’t think so. Meet Minus Daniel, this guy isn’t any average Joe when it comes to BMX Cycling. Born Daniel Giraldo in Medellin, Colombia. Minus Daniel was always on the go as a young boy doing his own version of parkour every time he visited the children’s park where he grew up. He even played some soccer and tennis.

Minus Daniel
Contributed By: Minus Daniel

Minus Daniel first fell in love with cycling at age 13. He always rode as a child around his neighborhood. Trying little beginner tricks like the bunny hop. But his obsession with it came later. After riding his bike through the skate park for the first time, cycling became his drug. Practicing on borrowed BMX bikes whenever he could, since he didn’t have one of his own yet.

BMX riding was Minus’ addiction. Always practising and free-styling with his brother’s BMX with the aim of going pro. Knowing what he wanted he decided to put in the work. Participating in any local event he could and teaching himself on any professional bike he could borrow. The more he got into cycling the more he fell in love. Knowing he could travel the world, meet new people and see new things. All this while doing what he loved? There’s no way Minus Daniel could turn down a deal like this.

Minus Daniel
Photo Credit: Minus Daniel

Travelling has become one of the best parts of being a pro athlete for Minus Daniel. Riding in places he’d seen in videos has been somewhat surreal for him. From participating in the little local events in Colombia to competing internationally. Just him and his bike, Minus even got to live in Mexico for a year in 2015. Going from city to city, meeting new people, trying new foods and enjoying the culture. He even went back in 2018 with his friends and TWIN Bmx. Being able to play tour guide since he had experienced it all before.

BMX has done more for Minus than travelling. His cycling journey has taught him that good friends really are better than pocket money. He has grown to enjoy the simpler things in life. BMX has changed Minus Daniel’s whole perspective on life. Learning to appreciate what he has been blessed with. Being much calmer and more positive has made him enjoy his days; good or bad.

Minus Daniel
Contributed By Minus Daniel

Each One Teach One

Minus Daniel label’s BMX cycling as his art even though it’s his work. He loves his work, being able to practice what he loves and teaching new people. Minus aims to build on his sport within his country. Being that BMX cycling is not as popular as mainstream sports, sponsorships are a dime a dozen. Minus Daniel is bent on showing his country the huge opportunities cycling can offer. Learning new languages, seeing different places, meeting different people.

BMX isn’t just a hobby for Minus Daniel. It’s big for him, it’s his form of expression. It’s his art, and like any creative, he has his own style. So, he is hell-bent on showing his art to the world and inspiring other artists like himself to mold their own talent.

The Simple Things Are The Most Valuable

-Minus Daniel