Michelle Sikorska: Riding Young Wild and Free

Michelle Sikorska born in the quaint town of Biała Podlaska, Poland. Michelle explained to Amberation that before moving to England she always had an interest in riding. Certainly it piqued even more when she came across the XGAMES on TV, Seeing the professionals sparked something in her; that something was to ride. Michelle received her first BMX bicycle at the age of 10. Albeit the bike Michelle received wasn’t made for the for stunts and tricks she had in mind, Nevertheless, she decided to try her hand.

True to nature Michelle accedits her most memorable experience as travelling to ride street with friends. Stopping at a roof top that had A crazy bank with a wall at the end. Michelle described It as a fun experience; in spite of the fact that they got kicked out. Michelle hints that with being a more experienced rider now she wants to head back to the location try out new stunts.

Michelle Sikorska
Contributed By Michelle Sikorska

Michelle knew she wanted to always do some extreme sport. BMX just happened to choose her. It was all around her. From her cousins pulling stunts & popping wheelies to the local guys in her skateparks Michelle knew BMX was her calling.

In life when you find something that makes you feel alive you stick to it. Positivity is the emotion Michelle attributes to BMX riding. Progression. Frustration but ultimately joy. She feels all of these when performing stunts and perfecting her technique and just having a genuine time while riding.

Michelle Sikorska
Contributed By Michelle Sikorska

Michelle Sikorska: 17 and Riding Free

With every hobby or skill there will always be a time where something feels off, when the entertainment dwindles and you’re left at a stand still wondering is this for me? That happened to Sikorska a year ago. She felt as though she wasn’t progressing fast enough. Specifically comparing herself to those around her. Determined to become a better rider she used her persistent nature to combat the feeling and is now doing much better at the sport .

Being open about her sexuality is apart of Michelle staying true to herself. Shock was the initial reaction of her family, to say the least but were very receptive and caring. Michelle’s well being is top priority. Her being in a happy and healthy relationship is all that matters.

Still Michelle has a life outside of BMX. She plans to Persue a career in Art illustration. Loving what you do you’ll never have to feel lie working a day in your life. With plans to to compete at female events and meet other riders like herself. Believing that if she pushes herself enough she will get sponsored by a BMX company. Above all its those thoughts that keeps Michelle riding young wild and free.

My progress is a competition against me rather than competing against others.

-Michelle Sikorska