James Threlfall: A Skate into Destiny

The innate capacity to become something great manifest easily in some while others it takes a special moment for it to come to light. James Threlfall, British born skateboarding extraordinaire, his ability to compete in anything sports-related came naturally. Growing up in a family that was extremely competitive, participating in sports came as naturally as breathing. Athleticism being his strong suit he wasn’t afraid to take on any sport.

James Threlfall
Contributed By James Threlfall

James’s first interaction with skateboarding was through a Tony Hawk video game at the age of 6. Having no idea at that time the game he was playing virtually would soon become his reality. Even though he was able to easily take part in the different sports he applied himself to finding his niche wasn’t as easy as it was tedious. With an older brother as a national swimmer he had big shoes to fill, but fill he did.

At just 12 years old James saved up his allowance and bought his first skateboard. That skateboard changed his life. Little by little, he learned to master the board. Every break, scrape, broken bone, brought him closer and closer to a genuine love for the sport.

James Threlfall
Contributed By James Threlfall

A Legend in the Making James Threllfall

A typical day in the life of James Threlfall is the opposite of “typical” as no two days are the same for him. A legend in the making, he is always coming up with new content, hosting radio shows for the BBC and, all while running his own production company! Best believe that however busy he is he will always find time for ‘shredding the gnar. ‘

James would recreate stunts he’s seen experienced skaters do much like many other young skaters. Imagine, after watching one of his idols (Tony Hawk) for years and then finally getting the chance to meet him! “We met up to skate with Tony Hawk last Summer at his warehouse in California, which was quite surreal.” Things like this have made the skateboarding experience that much better for Threlfall. Skateboarding teaches him perseverance and commitment; he plans to keep doing it for years to come.

For the 25-year-old, skateboarding is a major part of who he is and will continue doing so until he’s physically unable to. Even then, he still will be able to continue with presenting as well as his other hobbies. James enjoys DJing, travelling and TV presenting.

Just be patient when learning, keep going and you’ll get there.

– James Threlfall