Alejandra Duque: Travelling by BMX

Finding something you really love seems like the best thing in the world, but doing it is a different story.  Alejandra Duque knows exactly what this feels like. The Colombian BMX cyclist was born and raised in Medellin with her twin sister, other sisters and parents. A skateboarder turned cyclist, Alejandra was lucky enough to find her love for BMX fairly early and she hasn’t put it down since. Even though her BMX isn’t a recognized sport where she’s from, she focuses on doing it for the love.

Alejandra being busy with skateboarding, she got into BMX when she was 18. After assembling a bicycle for transportation, she fell in love with BMX. Riding became her safe haven. It always put her in a positive and peaceful place. Always using riding to release any negative energies she was feeling. Naturally, she grew to love it. So, Alejandra parked her skateboard and put all her energy into BMX. Plus, it didn’t hurt that her closest friends were BMX cyclists too.

Alejandra Duque
Photo Credit: Santiago Laverde

Riding has become a huge part of Alejandra’s life. Riding brought her to many different places. Giving her opportunities to experience different cultures, meeting different people and seeing different places. Like participating in the Vans BMX Pro Cup in Mexico City. Travelling to Mexico City was a great experience for her. Especially since it was her first time on a plane and her first time competing internationally. Getting meet a lot of her personal inspirations like Perris Benegas and Angie Marino was huge for her.

Alejandra Duque
Contributed By: Alejandra Duque

It’s All Worth The Ride For Alejandra Duque

Riding also helped Alejandra a lot in life. Teaching her to overcome her fears, have self-confidence and to never limit herself as a woman. Especially being one of few women doing a sport not recognized by her country. She knows it will be a little different for her, but the support from her friends have encouraged her a lot. People like Minus Daniel and Santiago Laverde, who always pushed her to do more and to not doubt herself makes it all worthwhile.

Alejandra loves riding BMX. It’s something she would never put down and it’s all she’s interested in doing. Even after a long day of work, all she looks forward to is going to the park to get some riding in. Wanting to travel the world to see as many places as she can on her BMX bike. She loves travelling and she loves BMX. So, since BMX can give her opportunities to see different places, it’s perfect for her.

Alejandra Duque
Photo Credit: Santiago Laverde

Alejandra thinks BMX can do a lot for people in her country. Give them a lot of opportunities to do what they love and be successful from it. But, since a lot of the parks in her country are community efforts, not much competitions or spaces for growth are there. She hopes Colombia will recognize BMX and give it the support it deserves. But the lack of support won’t dim her light. Alejandra Duque will keep riding no matter what.

Never doubt your abilities.
-Alejandra Duque