Zai The Cannon: Destiny Beats Dreams

Sometimes the dream you thought you wanted your whole life, isn’t what destiny had planned for you. Zai The Cannon has a journey which is a perfect example of what this means. Born in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, Zai grew up between Bethlehem and Allentown. Basketball was always his dream, playing for the NBA and making it big. Music was never on his agenda until a friend of his introduced him to FL Studio and he never turned back.

Zai The Cannon always wanted to be successful in whatever he did. His name representing his will to never give up and to always be a positive light is a guide to him. He started out wanting a career as an NBA player but things don’t always go as planned. So, he picked up dancing, joined a local crew and even got sponsored. Excited by his ability to succeed without basketball, he was addicted to dance. But, after being introduced to FL Studios, a music production software, the rest was history. He couldn’t help but make beat after beat.

Growing up surrounded by instruments and music, his knack for the art wasn’t surprising. Zai didn’t start taking music seriously until his mid-teens. When his fan base began to grow through Jersey Club Music and his huge milestone of 1.4 million streams, he planted himself into music. Drawn to genres like Afropop, Hip Hop, RnB and Drill, Zai has a lot of big names he admires and would like to work with. Some being PnB Rock, Lil Durk, Young Thug and NAV to name a few. He’s also learned a lot from SumYunGhai, who has taught him to lead by example and always do more than what is expected of you.

Zaithe Cannon
Photo Credit: Addachy

All About The Music

Zai The Cannon is all about his music. Committed to his craft, he always has the goal of doing better and making his family proud. So, he spends his days making beats or in the studio collaborating. Talents like Grand Khai, Ant Wave, No Juice Q and Lil Tjay have been great collaborations for Zai. He looks forward to bigger and better projects with them and other artists alike.

As an independent producer Zai enjoys the benefits of overseeing his own work. Acknowledging that one size doesn’t fit all, he also believes a label can be beneficial to the career of some. Zai knows being independent is hard work, especially the consistency that he sees a lot of independent producers struggle with. But he never stops pushing and even when things aren’t going as planned, he never stops making beats. He tries to put his best foot forward to be an inspiration for those that will come after him. Furthermore, he hopes to pave a way to make their journey smoother than his was.

Zaithe Cannon
Photo Credit: Addachy

Zai The Cannon loves his craft and he loves working hard to improve it. He has a lot in store for his fans. He’s now working on multiple projects, including a producer’s tape and more collabs. Zai is all about going forward, he wouldn’t change anything about his journey. He only hopes to do more, do better and be a guiding light to all those who come across his work.

Spread Good Energy At All Times, Through Any Medium Necessary.

-Zai The Cannon