Yaw Blvck: Music Is An Escape

Yaw Blvck born George Somuah Gyamfi in Kwahu Eastern Region, Ghana. ‘Yaw Blvck’ meaning is a cultural combination. Yaw comes from Ghana which is the native name for babies born on a Thursday, which was the day he was conceived. The ‘Blvck’ represents every aspect of African culture you can think of like the food, the language, the music, you name it.  

Yaw Blvck started writing music back in 2010 when he was in high school, but never got around to recording anything some 6 years later. He was involved in the creative arts participating in school shows and having a love for poetry. Never seeing music as work but his escape, it was never hard for him to do what he loved. His love for music goes beyond just making, it’s also just enjoying it. Blvck’s taste in music isn’t specific to genres, his appreciation for music goes beyon categories. Though his taste in music has no bounds, his style of music on Afrobeats mostly Afro-swing, Afro-trap and Afro-pop music.

Contributed By: Yaw Blvck

Yaw Blvck is all about his craft. His music is his priority, he’s always in the studio even when he doesn’t have a session. He never stops working because his creative juices never stop flowing. Even though Blvck is deeply invested in his career, he like to wind down. When he’s not cooking up in the studio, in school studying at the University of Coast Cape where he did his masters, he’s with his friends. He always tries to make time to hang with his friends, make music together, eat together and just have fun.

Contributed By: Yaw Blvck

More Than A Melody

Blvck is all about balance when it comes to music and leisure. So for him it’s all about strategizing, prioritizing, staying true to yourself and having a positive attitude towards life. Yaw Blvck’s positive outlook on life gives life an endless list of wonderful possibilities.

Yaw Blvck wants his music to have a huge impact on people. He wants people to enjoy his music and he wants his music to bring them happiness. However, he doesn’t want his music to bring impact only on an individual scale. His intentions are to use his platform as a means of bringing change. Blvck wants to contribute social conflicts and impacting policy making. He wants his music to be a vibe and message, something to think about and spark re-evaluation on self and as a people.

Yaw Blvck
Contributed By: Yaw Blvck

Yaw Blvck’s mixtape Shvdes of Blvck is a from a deep place. The project took two years featuring artist like Eldeezy, Kwe, Loyce and Korshi T, it talks about finding your place in society and knowing yourself. The mixtape is a compilation of different scenes to create a complete story. He takes pride in it being that no two songs will give the same effect bringing many different vibes to the table. Blvck has more visuals in store for everyone being that Shvdes of Blvck is just the beginning of videos from the mixtape.

Yaw Blvck’s music is get away and even though he might not have all the resources he wishes he had, for him it’s more than that. For him it’s about doing what you love and embracing it and never stopping till you reach your goals.

Music Is An Escape.

– Yaw Blvck