Tone BuTTa: Bringing His Dreams to Reality

From the concrete jungle of Washington, D.C. emerges a messenger for Christ, Antonio Smith who goes by the stage name Tone BuTTa. Even with such talent, he yielded to the temptation of the streets. He was a little rough around the edges at first and now he is as smooth as butter serving Christ. One does not get a name like that by accident; because he’s a ladies’ man along with his talent for music, his friends dubbed him Tone BuTTa. Antonio started out around age 10 freestyling to “GoGo beats” in the neighbourhood and at school. GoGo music originated in D.C and had a definite influence on his music likewise his life.

Tone BuTTa
Contributed By Tone BuTTa

Tone BuTTa – The Man Behind the Music

Tone writes all of his music and gets his inspiration from Gogo Music, 80’s rap era, 90″s Gangsta Rap era, the 90’s Hip Hop rap era, Down South Gangsta Rap, 90’s R&B era, Reggae, Jazz, Blues, Soul Music, Oldies but Goodies, David Ruffin, Frank Sinatra, Muddy Waters, Classical Music and Orchestra just to name a few. He says, however, that his biggest inspiration to date is God.

every moment I get the opportunity to display my God-given gift is a highlight to me.

– Tone BuTTa

Tone BuTTa
Contributed By Tone BuTTa

Tone BuTTa’s music reflects his life, the good and the bad. He uses his music as a platform to share his truth. Antonio sees himself as a messenger for Christ and will continue to make good music to represent just that. He received the support of his family to pursue music after he turned his life around for the better. If not for music, he would’ve probably been in the NFL! We would have definitely missed out!

In his single, ‘Dream To Reality’, a tribute to Martin Luther King, he speaks about his plans for the future as well as what he’s facing as a black man in America all while passionately sharing the message of unity. In 2019, you can expect to hear more from Tone BuTTa as he will be even more focused on his work and his message.

Dream To Reality {MLK Tribute}- Tone BuTTa