Tiffani Nicholle: Musical Champion of Individuality

Born To Create

 People make music for many different reasons to make money, to make a name for themselves or simply because they love doing it. And others make music to first heal themselves. This is exactly what this growing musician has been doing. Tiffani Nicholle spent a lot of her youth battling mental illness. And using words to express herself really helped her get through those years. She started out writing poetry and stories. Even publishing her poem “The Anthology of Poetry” when she was just 16. Writing is just in her blood.

Speaking of in her blood. Music is definitely in Tiffani’s blood. Her brother was a rapper. Always rapping and free-styling with him whenever she could. She knew she had a knack for it. Tiffani always admired her brother which fueled her interest in rap. Though like most young black musicians, their history with music started with the church. Tiffani’s first brush with writing music was with rap music at just 15.

Tiffani Nicholle
Contributed By: Tiffani Nicholle

Music has always been Tiffani Nicholle’s getaway. Writing music is how she expresses herself. It’s her outlet. Helping her deal with anything life threw at her. Even though music is an escape for Tiffani she uses her music to challenge the status quo. Pushing all the buttons of what society classifies as the norm.

Tiffani is always keeping herself busy. If she isn’t working on her music, she’s working on building herself. Constantly dreaming up new ideas to expand herself. New businesses, new crafts, working on copy writes. You name it and she’s doing it. You’d think with all the hard work she’s putting in she would have a layout of her day.

But for Tiffani, no two days are the same. Her days are always unpredictable which keeps her on her toes. There are only two things she can count on doing daily. Getting her daughter to school in the morning and her spiritual cleansing at night. Even though her days are usually crazy and unpredictable. You know what they say about all work and no play. Tiffani always takes time to relax. Whether it’s a glass of wine, some sleep or even spending time with her daughter. She always tries to treat herself with some TLC.

Tiffani Nicholle
Contributed By: Tiffani Nicholle

The Power of Music

Like many music lovers. Tiffani Nicholle puts no boundary on her love for music. She has an appreciation for any genre you could think of. Tiffani isn’t interested in the label you put on the music but the story it tells. Just like her own music, her lyrics are life-inspired. Sharing her shortcomings in life and how she overcame them. Her music tells you exactly how she feels. Writing a song in under 20 minutes, her talent has no bounds.

Her ultimate goal is to connect with people. Tiffani Nicholle seeks to encourage people to embrace their individuality. Using her music to break down the barriers made by society. Tiffani is unapologetic about speaking her truth. And knowing that this is the message from her music pushes her to make more music.

Admiring musicians like Toni Braxton, Lauryn Hill, Nas and Erykah Badu. Tiffani’s music has been immensely impacted by these big names. Even though the list of collabs she’d like to have is long. A collaboration with Erykah Badu would be a dream for her.

Tiffani Nicholle
Contributed By: Tiffani Nicholle

As an independent musician, Tiffani Nichole faces a lot of challenges. Music is a great investment. But with every great investment comes a big cost. Though record labels offer a huge push into the industry. For now, Tiffani is satisfied wit her independence. She loves the control he has over her work and career. Though being independent isn’t easy and sometimes things don’t go as planned. That doesn’t deter her from pushing. With a huge support system and her own methods of reflection. Tiffani Nicholle doesn’t plan on giving up anytime soon.

Music is Tiffani’s last stop. Music helped her to grow and be comfortable in her own skin. Even though she hasn’t put herself in any box genre-wise. Tiffani Nicholle’s comfort zone is music. And with her music, she intends to inspire young girls to love themselves, be unapologetic about who they are.

Tiffani Nicholle has a lot to share with the world. And with many projects coming next she seeks to inspire and motivate anyone within her reach.

Everything Happens For A Reason

-Tiffani Nicholle