Sizwe C: The Ultimate Soca Junkie

Sizwe C is a soca junkie who had no other choice but to be just that. Born Sizwe Jason Collins in Montreal, Canada to a Haitian mother and Trinidadian father. Sizwe grew up around a lot of music. His exposure to music from a very young age left a mark on his life that even if he wanted, it would go away.

Named after ‘Sizwe Banzi‘, a fictional character that means ‘nation’, Sizwe grew up in a house that was all about their culture. Having a Trinidadian father, he was exposed to Trini culture very early. He grew up seeing his uncle bending wire, which is the backbone of many carnival costumes, and his father always involved in mas. He fell totally in love with Trinidadian culture, especially the music. His father played a big part in Sizwe’s love for music. He introduced him to soca itself, artistes and even to the stage. So, music was in the cards for him from the start.

He started making music in the late 90s when he was about 18. Making the same soca music he grew to love. So, I can imagine how natural it felt for him when he started his music career. As an entertainer, Sizwe C loves making music. He loves the art of creating music. Converting nothing into something or turning one thing into something else. He loves seeing the reaction of people liking his music and singing out his lyrics. Even though he would never stop doing music, people appreciating his music gives him that extra push.

Sizwe C
Photo credit: Jason James

Sizwe C Has No Time To Waste

Being a soca junkie isn’t Sizwe’s only job right now. He’s in the military and he’s a full-time family man. He has been in the military around the same time he’s been making music. Sizwe doesn’t ever have a day where he isn’t busy, he’s always up to something.  So, his days consist of work, music and family time . Starting his days with his 9-5, but it always ending them with some soca.

Sizwe isn’t worried about getting traction from his music. He knows that he doesn’t have a big name in soca music. But, soca being a genre where soca lovers love the music and not the names, he’s not worried. He continues to believe in himself whether things are going his way or not. After all, his son being his biggest fan is more than what he could wish for.

Sizwe C
Photo credit : Jason James

Sizwe C is a real soca junkie that can’t imagine his life without soca music. His music and soca play a very important part of his life. So, all he’s trying to do now is keep pressing, growing and be the best version of himself.

I am working to be the best I can be.

-Sizwe C