Official Kahz: Messenger OF The Music

It’s All In The Message

For some people making music is about the fame and the money, with Official Kahz it’s a different story. It’s about the message he sends. Born Kahseem Crooks, Kahz grew up in Northeast Pennsylvania before moving to Pittsburgh. Growing in the church he joined the choir. However, he didn’t always have his eyes set on music. His focus was on medicine. But later saw his fate in music.

Official Kahz started writing music his sophomore year of high school. Even though he toyed with writing for a while before that He fell in love with music straight away. Being able to write a song within a minute. Kahz loved how he could express himself as freely as he decided. Giving him an outlet to say what’s on his mind. Not having to answer to any code of conduct. A luxury he recognized he couldn’t get with other professions.

Official Kahz
Contributed By: Official Kahz

Spending his days working on his music and investing in his talent. Official Kahz is always finding new ways of self-development. He never takes a break from his craft. But he never forces his creative process either. Making music from motivation. Talking about the things he has been through. The things he has overcome. Even if it’s just to say what’s on his mind.

Kahz draws his musical inspiration from genres like R&B, rap, country and pop. Gravitating to musicians like Trippie Red, Lil Tecca and Chance The rapper. They have had a huge impact on him. Taking elements from multiple genres to create his own sound. He doesn’t quite have a name for it yet, But it’s his.

Official Kahz
Contributed By: Official Kahz

No Turning Back Now

Having interacted with other independent musicians like Grand Khai and Ninety-7. Official Kahz is always pushed to improve his music and career. Which has had a huge impact on his music and the work ethic he has adopted. Kahz knows the harsh realities of being independent. Especially when some don’t have enough resources or connections. But he thinks that one size doesn’t fit all. So even though being independent is better in his opinion. The signing could bring major opportunities which can open many doors.

Living in Pennsylvania, he thinks it’s a good place to start independent. Even though he finds that there are a lot of close-minded and negative people where he’s from. Philadelphia and Pittsburgh offer a lot of opportunities to be discovered. Which is a lot more than people from other areas can say.

Official Kahz
Contributed By: Official Kahz

Official Kahz loves music. It’s his best friend. Using music to meditate and clear his mind. Though sometimes it’s hard to stay encouraged when it comes to his career. He stays focused and with the support of his team. He remains dedicated to his dream.

Kahz is big on work ethic. Knowing that talent is useless without putting in the hard work. He admires names like Drake, Big Sean and DJ Khaled. He likes to mirror their mindset and tendency to work hard throughout their careers. Proud of what he labels his first album LO2T (Lost in the Woods 2). He’s seen how much his work has improved.

Currently working on a new project and keeping himself busy with shows. Official Kahz is nvested in his music. Trying to make the best out of his career to show others, especially the younger ones. That they could achieve whatever dream they have for themselves. Even coming from a place of struggle.

I See A Mark And I Hit It

– Official Kahz