Music : The Art of Expression and Emotion

Many of us underestimate the power of music and it’s capabilities. It is that which transcends our mere thoughts. Allows us to get in touch with our poetic side, alters our very mood and heals our broken spirits. It is more than just entertainment as some would like to think. It is a secret getaway from our problems, a creative mix of emotions and experiences all put together with beats and rhythm. Music is Art. Music is an expression.

Sabrina Nembhard, also known as Sabree grew up in the Hills of St. Andrew, Cavaliers District to be exact. She is a past student of the Oberlin High School. Growing up, Sabrina wanted to be a lawyer because of her obsession with Law and Order, an American Television drama series that showcases the criminal justice system through the eyes of the criminals. Sabrina went to The University of Technology but found that she was not happy there. She hated the idea of having to spend so many years studying for a law degree. “I went because time after time I was told that singing is not a real career, and for a while, I listened, until I didn’t anymore and decided to just follow my heart”, singing, on the other hand, was always her passion, she says. She has been singing all her life. She started to sing at church on Sundays on the Sunday school choir and then moved up from youth choir to the adult choir. Sabrina not only sings but writes her own music. When asked where she gets the inspiration for such she replied, “I get inspiration from my personal experiences and also the experiences of others”. She appreciates all genres of music but is more drawn to soul music, RnB, gospel, rocksteady, reggae, and pop. “I love Jazz as well so it’s hard to really choose a favorite so I sorta just take elements from all the genres and use them in my own music and also to develop my unique sound as a singer”.

She enjoys listening to the songs of these famous singers : Marcia Griffiths, Tori Kelly, Lauryn Hill, India Arie, Aretha Franklin, Whitney Houston, Jessie J and Fantasia Barrino. “Just to name a few”, she says with a laugh. Her greatest Highlight thus far on her journey has been finishing College. She is a graduate of the Edna Manley College of the Visual and Performing Arts with a Bachelor of Music Degree in Jazz and Popular Music Studies with Honours. Another great highlight for her has been, releasing her first single entitled “Be Sure”. The single was released late last year. It speaks to her personal experiences which she says “I think a lot of people can relate to”. She has gotten really good feedback since the release which she is super ecstatic about. Sabrina speaks of praying, doing deep breathing exercises to stay calm before going on stage to perform, “I just think about what I want the audience to feel”. Her advice to upcoming singers is to “Work hard, believe in yourself and stay true to who you are”.

You can find her single “Be Sure” on YouTube and is also available on iTunes.