Loyce: Bringing A New Voice

Loyce has a career that’s fairly new and still growing, but her story is still worth the tell. Born Lois Akosua Blay, from a little town in Cape Coast, Ghana, she is on a mission with her music. Juggling her education goes hand in hand with her journey in music. So, she is up for the challenge showing the world what she can do and the mark she’s going to make. Awaiting the release of her next single, Loyce has her fans dying to see or hear her next move.

Her music journey started from high school, writing songs with her best friend in the music room; sneaking off every chance they got. Surrounded by music growing up, Loyce never shied away from music. It was apart of her reality while growing up, so it was no surprise realizing her love for music blossoming. She’s always seen music for how universal it is and its ability to affect so many different people in so many different ways.


The Power Of Love

Being a lover of all things soulful, Loyce has always loved afro-jazz, neo-soul, afro-pop and a little RnB. She’s put that same soul in her own music, inspired by love and its place within her life. The music she writes has always been about her life and what she’s experienced. Turning her stories into melodies and bringing the ideas in her head to life.

Loyce’s education and her music go hand in hand. Coming from a place that puts high value on education, she can’t afford to neglect her studies. Even though she would like to make more time to build her craft, the pressure placed on her to excel in her studies force her to split her time as best as she can.

Loyce has released tracks like ‘You Are My World‘ and worked with names like Yaw Blvck and Psyko on her single ‘Bra Me Nkyɛn‘. She also returned the favour featuring on Yaw Blvck’s ‘JUJU Love’ along with Psyko. The collab was the definition of a spur of the moment, Loyce wrote her verse while hanging out in the studio with Blvck. She hopes to make the same magic with other Ghanaian artistes like El Deezy and MeDmason. Loyce doesn’t put any limit on herself in relation to who she can work with. But, for now she wants to build with people who just like her are growing and trying to put Ghana on the map.

A Step In A New Direction

Naturally being a student and self-building talent comes with its hardships. But, Loyce doesn’t plan on giving up. Sometimes she might be tempted to give up, but her drive and support system wouldn’t let her. She takes her time to regroup, spend time with her friends and she’s back on the grind all over again.


Loyce knows what she wants for herself. Music for her isn’t about the money or fame for her, it’s about the connection it bridges. Music has allowed her to tap into the various versions of herself, which is something nothing else in her life has been able to do. Loyce knows her next move and she isn’t afraid of the hard work. She vows to release her new single later this year and an E.P. early next year. So, look out for her.

Love Is A Powerful Energy We Can’t Do Without