Larein: Inspired By Life & Driven by Music

Fairly new to the music scene, Larein has only been doing music for 2 years, but she’s in it for the long haul. Born Laureen Julia Jean from Port Au Prince, Haiti’s capital, she moved to the U.S at a young age. Music was never her main focus, but it always held a space in her life somehow. Whether it was her just listening to it or her dancing to it. Being a dancer from an early age, music of all genres played a part in her life.

Starting her own career at 20, Larein took a deep dive into her music. If she isn’t making music, she’s making the money to fund it or she’s thinking about music. Always putting melodies and rhymes together in her head and thinking about ways she could create a better sound.

Photo Credit: Kevin Darĩus

Taking a lot of influences from Opera, Hip-  Hop and RnB, Larein has created a unique sound for herself. Leaning on the RnB, Hip Hop side, there are a lot of names she would love to work with. Mentioning names like Summer Walker, Drake, Cardi B, DJ Khaled and Rihanna, among others.

Larein’s music is inspired by life. Her music is an outlet to express her feelings and the impacts of various events in her life. Whether it’s been happiness, heartbreak, love or sadness; Larein uses her music to let her audience know she’s feeling. She doesn’t just make music about her life, but about anything that inspires her. The life and experiences of her friends, the things they’ve experienced together; anything you can think of really. Larein uses her music to connect with other people, in hopes that they can relate to the things she’s been through.

Photo Credit: Kevin Darĩus

Larein Being Incharge of Her Music

Her latest solo single ‘ Own It’ came from a bad break up she’d been through and put in her music. She’s worked with Court St on ‘Too Much’, showing her RnB side.

Even though her music is her safe-haven, it’s not her only priority right now. The ‘Own It’ singer is still working on getting her degree in Psychology. So, she splits time between music and school. Though she would’ve preferred to have her degree before she started music, she’s working with what she has.

Being independent, Larein admits it’s difficult because of the expenses. She gets discouraged. But, she changes her strategy, lights a few scented candles and starts again. For her, there’s no place for giving up.

Working on her next album to be released at the start of the new year. She has her plate full with her music and manging her time with school. But, Larein is excited for the 7-track project that she plans to share with the world.

I Go Up Ten Get Knocked Down Twenty, But I Keep Going.