Kwé: The Music Lead Me And I Followed

When you love something, there’s nothing in this world that can stop you. Kwé is a force that doesn’t make anything stop him from him his dream. Born Ebenezer Nelson Jr to Ghanaian and Togolese parents, he grew up in Sekondi- Takoradi in western Ghana. His name coming from his traditional Ghanaian name, Kweku, which means he was born on a Wednesday. Music played a big part in Kwé’s life growing up and falling in love with it, he decided he would make a career out of what he loved.

Kwégrew up in the church, singing in the choir where his mother was a chorister. So, this was where he got his first introduction to music. Not even knowing those choir practices were shaping him for his own journey. He started writing music in his second year of high school. Music became his safe space. Whatever he was feeling he used music to boost his mood. Even though he grew up in a traditional African environment, he was drawn to all genres of music. Anything that caught his ear, he would listen to it. He thinks music has a power that many people haven’t recognized. But he wants to spread the word.

Contribute By: Kwe

Kwé Doesn’t Belong In Any Box

Like his taste in music, Kwé’s music doesn’t fit into any one box. He’s combined his contemporary African music with Hip Hop, RnB, Jazz to create his own sound. Kwé believes that bringing genres together can bring people from different cultures together. That’s the power of music he’s trying to show the world. 

He takes a little from everyone he admires when making his music. Anyone good, he’ll listen. He doesn’t care about big names, he just loves good music. His music reflects his environment. All the things he’s experienced or seen goes into his music. Like his project ‘Kwe’. He went around searching for the perfect producer to free his mind on a beat and found ‘Console Chronikz’. So, he just listened to the instrumentals and freed his mind, no writing just flows.

Kwé loves working with other talents. Producing for them and creating great tracks. For instance, he would love to work with names like Chronixx, Dr. Dre, Burna Boy and Popcaan. However, even though he mentions these big names, he wants to work with artistes who are still building their names too.

Contribute By: Kwe

It’s Worth The Trouble

Apart from getting his sound perfect. He admits it’s a little hard to build his career in Ghana since the digital music market isn’t as prominent as he would like. But he loves the challenge and the feeling of overcoming them after putting in the hard work. Especially with being independent Kwé has to go the extra mile to get where he wants to be. Even though he loves the freedom that comes with his independence, he wouldn’t mind his dream being backed by a solid label.

Music has taught Kwé a lot on his journey. Firstly, it taught him to always work hard and to never assume your place. It’s also made him know that he should keep going. Even if he doesn’t get the support he wants, he should believe in his dream. Kwé is making nothing but the best of what he has and the opportunities he’s been given. So, Kwé wants you to look out for him. He says he has a lot planned and that we should expect nothing but the best.

My dreams are mine to take charge of.