Jodian Pantry : Following the Pattern To Greatness

A young woman dedicated to her craft. One whose voice emits a certain flair and style to the ear. This young woman is a true believer in God and stands for what she believes in. A household name to many Jamaicans. She strives to make good music with messages of upliftment to all.

Jodian Pantry who hails from the parish of Clarendon, Jamaica, describes herself as a child of God who ministers through preaching and singing. She started her singing career at a tender age of 5 years old and started touring Jamaican soil at the age of 9, singing at church concerts and conventions. At age 11 she was the second place winner in the Jamaica Cultural Development Commission (JCDC) Gospel Festival Competition in 2001. This was the age in which her song “I’ll Give My Heart” became popular. In 2007 she entered the well-known Jamaican television talent show aimed at uncovering Jamaica’s talented artists, Digicel Rising Stars. This experience she says definitely helped water her roots and allowed her to spring forth. “I was fully prepared for the bigger world after that competition”, she said. When asked about her accomplishments, she listed quite a few. She has been nominated in the Richie B EME (Excellence in Music and Entertainment) Awards in 2009 for best upcoming artiste of the year and best collaboration of the year. She has already been to Connecticut, New York, Los Angeles, Washington DC, Chicago, Atlanta, Texas, Nashville, just to name a few places, to perform. Jodian has shared the stage with the now deceased Percy Sledge, who was an American R&B and gospel singer best known for the song “When a Man Loves A Woman”. She has also performed with popular Jamaican artistes like Marcia Griffiths, Freddie McGregor, Bob Andy and Noddy Virtue.

Pantry says she books shows more regular than she expected. Weddings she says, come in frequently as well as corporate functions. “When persons can identify us artistes for who we are, things will work out in our favour”, she says. She does gospel events but says you will see her on the Rebel Salute ( an annual music festival held in Jamaica in the month of January) stage and Sumfest (a concert festival taking place each year in mid- July) stage in the near future. She believes that she deposits music with a message. “My life can only get better where the shows are concerned, things are put on hold for a period but once show season comes along, I’ll be contacted”.

Jodian credits all her performances to God. “Once I pray before I go on stage, all will be well, a different spirit takes over whenever I go on stage because I ask God for spirit of freedom”. In the future she sees herself on international platforms ministering alongside power pacts such as Tamela Mann, Erica Campbell and Donnie McLurkin. “And I’m dreaming big for one day to appear in a Tyler Perry production. I will also be having my own private vocal training school. Having a chain of vocal training schools in Jamaica. I see a Grammy in the future along with a husband and children”, she said with a smile.

Being a victim of betrayal and having being bullied when she was younger, Pantrys future plans include doing a bit of counselling. “I see myself counselling young people as well, especially those who don’t feel loved”. She is dedicated to giving love and depositing hopeful energy to those in need of love and attention. Her advice to aspiring youth is to stay close to Christ for only through him will one be victorious. She released her EP titled “Never Stay Away”, 6 years ago but she says that back then she never quite discovered who she was. “Know who you are before entering the music industry. If one doesn’t know who they are, no one will take you serious”. “Now that I know, I guarantee this will be a hit, not a miss”. She is the epitome of what hard work, faith in God and determination looks like. She is now a final year student at the International University of the Caribbean (IUC) studying Media and Communication skills.

Pantry is currently planning her Birthday event for April 21, 2017 with the theme: Wine, Love and Live Music. For more information you can check out her instagram page @jodian_colleen_pantry.