Joby Jay: The Mind Behind The Music

Music was always a very special part of Jo Benee’s life growing up. Having grown up around two amazing singers (her parents), it’s no surprise that Jo Benée Morris aka Joby Jay has become a musician. She started writing while attending St Hilda’s Diocesan High School. She has, however, been singing for a longer time. Joby was a very active church member and participated in the choir a lot.

The 22-year-old took her first step in the entertainment industry through photography. She currently does commercial and fine art photography. Joby enjoys taking pictures for her Instagram as well. She knows that she will eventually have to cut back on the amount of work she takes on but will continue doing it, whether for work or pleasure. Joby Jay doesn’t have regular days; hers are full of spontaneity and mystery. When taking a break from the hustle and bustle, Jo prefers to spend time with close friends on a river or beach; some alone time listening to music, journaling and listening to her thoughts.  When asked what she would change about where she’s from, the Ocho Rios native told us — nothing.

Joby Jay
Photo Credit : Dale Stephenson

She has always admired artistes like Jah9, Lauryn Hill & Nina Simone; they have a heavy impact on her style of music. Sometimes Joby feels like giving up but she never entertains that thought. When things aren’t going as planned she prays and she tries to see how best she can adjust to make things work. Jo Benée stays focused by writing things down, revisiting them and surrounding herself with people who inspire her. If not music, Joby would be pursuing a career in early childhood education or psychology.

Joby Jay
Photo Credit : Dale Stephenson

Joby Jay The Reggae Artiste

She is motivated by music and how it makes her feel. Joby’s inspiration comes from life itself as well as her loved ones and her passions. Joby Jay considers herself a Reggae artiste and finds herself having a penchant for genres like jazz and afro beats. She is currently working on her first single and also some Youtube content for her fans. Joby Jay anticipates working with the likes of JLL, Winta James, Teflon from Zinc Fence, Mortimer, Runkus and Royal Blu. The creative process is different for Joby. While some songs may take a week to write, others may take a month. It is highly dependent on her environment or what’s going on with her. Jo has recently had her biggest performance to date at ‘Unplugd’ so we can definitely expect more from her in the near future.

Joby Jay has a message for our youth and all aspiring musicians. She says self-love is the root of many of the problems we have, when we love ourselves we can love each other better. She wants them to know there are no limits, only the ones they put on themselves.

Music is therapeutic.

– Joby Jay