Joby Jay: Music, A Big Girl Ting

In our last interview with Joby Jay, she gave us a synopsis of her life and a little history as to how she started. Today we will take it a step further where we discuss her recent releases like ‘Big Girl Ting’ and what she has been up to since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Joby has been actively writing and recording through it all. She is putting in the work and plans to release a few singles as well as music videos soon. Joby really misses the stage and the deep connections she makes with her fans during live performances. She is working on releasing her first full project in short order. Good things are in store!

Since we last spoke, there has been a predominance of female reggae artistes on the music scene. They are continuously releasing effervescent sounds to soothe the nations and Joby Jay is definitely a part of that. She’s very hopeful for the future of reggae.

Joby Jay Big Girl Ting
Photo Credit: Davy Freshh

Joby Jay First Single

Joby Jay released her single ‘Big Girl Ting’ in December of last year. Since then she has been making rounds on the airwaves. When her fans listen to the song, she wants them to get a higher sense of self-worth. Now, this is not only targeting women but anyone who is currently in a situation where they are being mistreated or abused. It empowers persons and helps them realise that only you allow the negativity to impact your space and energy. Her inspiration for this song comes from a divine place as she was merely walking in her room when the lyrics popped in her head and that was it!

Big Girl Ting is out now and available on all major platforms.

The Coronavirus is wreaking havoc and is affecting millions worldwide. During a time of fear and panic, Joby spends it playing music, sleeping, watching YouTube videos, and cooking all while still working on her career. She hosts a series of live shows dubbed “#BigGirlTing Girl Chat” on Instagram where she invites persons to speak on female empowerment and the importance of valuing one’s self.

Joby Jay Big Girl Ting
Photo Credit: Davy Freshh

Big Girl Ting Always A Queen

Joby will be releasing her second single “Queen” on June 26, 2020, which falls in line with her message of empowerment and self-worth. With her harmonious and mellow vibe, she totally encapsulates the title. Amberation will be doing an exclusive feature with Joby Jay throughout this week surrounding “Queen” which ends on Friday, June 26, 2020, with an exclusive Instagram Live Takeover. This single will also be a part of a juggle project – put on by a European team, spearheaded by some iconic players in the industry. Joby shares with us: “I am very humbled and excited to have been approached for such a project and thoroughly enjoyed putting a message that deeply resonates with me on it. I cannot wait for you to hear it!”

It’s about putting your foot down and showing up for yourself!

– Joby Jay