Jellissen: An Unavoidable Destiny

Life has a funny way of constantly pointing you in the direction you should go. So, really it’s up to you if you decide to follow. Jellissen followed those directions right into the studio and she decided to stay.

Born Jellissen Keeton-Kelly Onofrei in Rose Hill, Manchester, Jellisen’s story has always included music. She grew up in a family of musicians. As a result, whether in the booth or just casually enjoying her go-to playlist, music has always played a big role in her life. So, it was only fair to expect her to pick up the microphone. Jellissen is a natural creative. Participating in competitions not just limited to music,but also for art as well; any chance she could get to express herself.

Starting writing at just 9, she wrote a song for a music class and never stopped since. Music gave her an outlet to be herself and in a way that nothing else could. Getting her first hit ‘Teenager’s Love’ at just 13, she was happy to be doing good in something she loved. However, she took a bit of time to focus on her studies and do some travelling. She majored in Geometric Mechanical Engineering and spent time in places like France, Romania, Cavallo, Sardinia and New York to name a few.

Jellissen Cover
Contributed by: Jellissen

Jellissen Got Back On Track

Jellissen decided to come back to the music scene after getting a huge opportunity that she couldn’t turn down. Re-introducing herself to music with her single ‘Street Dance Style, she felt refreshed. Seeing the response to her music gave her the motivation she needed to do more. She’s influenced Bob Marley, Ms Lauryn Hill and Kehlani. That with some dancehall and soca, she was glad people liked her unique style.

Moreover, a lot of Jellissen’s music is inspired by life. She draws experiences from life and aspects of her culture to create her own style of music. Her latest single ‘Fetingshows how much she gift wraps culture in her own unique way through her music. 

Her drive and her strong support system makes it hard to worry about challenges. For example, she puts Dexta Daps, Burna Boy and Rihanna on her list of collabs she would love to happen, she doesn’t put any doubt on herself. With her passion for music and the support behind her, anything is possible. She names her family, David Ireland and among others, Christopher G who has been extremely supportive.

Contributed by: Jellissen

More To Come

Above all, Jellissen is all about growing within herself. So, whether it’s in music or her spiritual being, she’s always up for learning. Which makes her journey in music a brilliant experience for her. Currently working on projects like her EP and a travel company aside from her music, Jellissen has a lot planned. So you can keep an eye on her.

I am inspired by everything around me