Jay Syd: All About The Music

Taking your time to trace the journey of Jay Syd, shows just how far dedication can carry you. Born Jerome Sydnor, he moved to the U.S from Germany as a teenager. Jay had an early start with music. His whole family has had a hand in music, whether it was from church or a record deal doing music. Music was literally in his blood. So, when he got the chance to start drumming, it was no surprise that he would’ve fallen in love with it.

The ‘Needless’ singer started out writing poetry when he was 12, using it as his own way to deal with his parents’ divorce. Now years later, he’s still using his writing to express himself. Using his music to talk about the things he’s been through, bridging connections between those with similar faiths. Jay Syd takes his music seriously. Testing out every beat by driving around in his car before he decides to write anything on it. He’s his own critic. If he can’t enjoy his own music, he wouldn’t let anyone else hear it.

Jay Syd’s relationship with music is special, it’s all he knows. He’s always working to improve his sound. If he’s not in the studio, he’s working out or hanging out with his family. Always pushing himself to do better. Not just for his own benefit but to build an empire for his daughter, who is a guiding light for him.

Jay Syd
Contributed By: Jay Syd

Work and Rewards

Describing his own sound as a combination of Trap, Rap and Soul, reflects the music he’s drawn to. Putting Kanye West, Playboy Carti and Ty Dolla Sign on his list of names he’d like to work with, but he also just wants to make good music with anyone who is willing. That’s his goal, good music with good vibes that makes people feel good. Similarly, Jay Syd just wants to make his contribution to music and be a guide to the young ones that will follow him.

The Texas-based artist doesn’t care about clout or looking like everybody else. Being independent, he’s used to working harder than the others; to get where he wants. Even though it’s hard getting to where he wants without the big companies behind him, quitting isn’t in the cards for him. He’s all about doing the work. So, his drive and independence are a great combination to get the numbers and the music he wants to hear from himself.

Jay Syd’s music career keeps growing and he’s doing the work to keep it that way. Taking a break from the socials and plugging out of the world made him plug into himself. Making his album ‘Changez’, the smooth project it is.  Jay Syd has plans in the works for 2020, so add his name to your list of ones to watch.

The More You Think On What Could Have Been, It Will Hold Your Process Back.

-Jay Syd