Jane Macgizmo: One Away, No Other Way

Denieze Anderson popularly known as Jane Macgizmo got her stage name from an old username in the game Monkey Quest. She is from just outside cool, cool Mandeville and would have become a psychologist if it weren’t for her creativity. Give thanks for that!

Reggae and Dancehall are at the forefronts of Jane’s genres of choice. With songs like One Away & Babylon which have reached global audiences, Jane has plans to go even further. When Amberation asked her if music was her only forté, she listed graphic design, video editing & creative direction. Talk about skill! Music means a lot to her and she has seen tremendous growth in her career thus far.

Contributed by Jane Macgizmo

Music is an energy, it’s something that can influence so much, very powerful. Its the spice of life. This world would be so boring without music. It’s therapy in many different ways.

– Jane Macgizmo
Jane Macgizmo Release Slated for February 14, 2019

In her upcoming release on February 14th, she had several producers doing the #oneawaychallenge. She had unprecedented support and they have remixed her song in so many different ways and it will be a treat to listen. This is definitely something to look forward to on Valentine’s day.

Macgizmo also has current and upcoming collabs with quite a few artistes. In the past year, Macgizmo has also worked with Koffee on her EP titled Rapture scheduled to release this year

Jane Macgizmo, Music
Contributed by Jane Macgizmo

In the music industry, it’s hard without support. Along her journey, she received advice from a fellow artiste, Tanya Stephens, who told her that she should be fearless. She told Anderson not to allow them to put female in front of her title as that was a way of limiting her. Jane has proven that she took heed to the advice and is now on her way to the top.

Due to her own experiences, she has some advice for upcoming artistes.

Find yourself and take care of yourself and you will be a better artiste, because that way your direction won’t be hard to find. Because your direction is the most important thing. Also be prepared to work very hard at your craft, prepare for people doubting you, criticism, straight up ‘badmind’ everything. Be prepared to be strong.

You can keep up with Jane on Instagram. She definitely has a lot more in the works.