Garnet Silk Jr. The Seeds of Music

Meet Garnet Jahlij Smith Jr., son of Jamaican musical legend Garnet Silk. Those who are familiar with his music are aware of his silky smooth sound with a voice that has the vocal versatility of a well-seasoned artist. Garnet Silk Jr, his son is no different. Born just four months after his fathers’ untimely death, Garnet shared with Amberation the hardships he endured in the early stages of his life. Learning that his father foresaw his death after by giving him his middle name, Jahlij, translating to “Son of a King”, it made having to grow up without his father all that much harder. Consistently dealing with the opinions of others on who he should be as an individual was pressuring. Rather than allowing their ideologies to shape him, he used it as motivation to become a better version of himself.

Garnet Silk Jr
Credit: El Puru | Himages Photo

Music was a topic Silk could not stay away from. He reflects on the first time he listened to his fathers’ music, at age 13. The yearning he faced in wanting a father figure caused him to finally yield to the temptation of listening to his dads’ music. From that forward Silk became a new person. His mission: to carry on his father legacy while securing one for himself. With his mother by his side being his personal cheerleader he had a path and kept forward.

A memory Garnet finds close to heart, was that he almost drowned at Reggae Beach in Ocho Rios, Jamaica. He found it be very comical that even after the incident it’s still one of his favorite places to be. He’s very much a country bumpkin believing in the purity of having natural surroundings around him. Ocho Rios or “Ochi” as the locals like to call it inspires him.

Garnet Silk Jr
Credit: El Puru | Himages Photo

Roots of the Oak Tree

Young Garnet found solace in drawing. Always identifying with his creative side, he used to get lost in the world of visual arts until he cemented himself in the world of musical arts of course. Amberation viewed that as one of the reasons why he contacted Graphic Designer Lawrence L. Deacon. The likeliness in personality was displayed through the seamless construction of his newest collaborative singles’ artwork designed by Lawrence L. Deacon, featuring reggae artist Jesse Royal titled Oaktree.

Garnet Silk Jr - Oak Tree Ft Jesse Royal
Garnet Silk Jr – Oak Tree Ft. Jesse Royal
Album Art By Lawrence L. Deacon

The name “Oak Tree” was drawn from the physical layout and the history of the Root. He likens it symbolically to his history. Its ability to withstand storm and siege reminds the young artist of human connection to their forefathers. Silk believes that if we had a better understanding of our root system, we would a better direction of where you’re headed. Silk’s search for his history allowed him to stumble upon the name of Reuben. One of the 12 tribes of Israel, Reuben is the inspiration behind the name of his record label: Reuben Order Records. Being an Independent artist allows him full creative control. He very much believes in keeping his work pure and knows this step was integral. Even though it was a challenge, in the beginning, it’s now become a staple in his process.

Garnet Silk Jr. is a name that will become a staple in the music industry. With his freedom to throw his all into his career, building a name for himself while still maintaining the purity of his sound is Garnets’ top priority. Silk plans to do everything he can to uphold his fathers’ footsteps creating melodies for those around the world to enjoy.

Learn from every experience you encounter in life, they all attribute to your initial growth.

– Garnet Silk Jr