Eldeezy: Master of Time and Music

Keeping up with college is hard enough; keeping up with college and a music career, now that’s not for the weak. Meet Eldeezy, the guy that makes juggling school and music look easy. Born Andy Osei Peprah, Eldeezy meaning ‘Elevated, Dope and Easy’ is from Eastern Ghana. He spent most of his youth with his head in the books. Even though he was focused on his education, he was heavily interested in the arts and music. Even now attending The University of Cape Coast, Eldeezy is still watering his music career.

Eldeezy started writing music at 15, he was always a fanboy for the arts, but music was it for him because it gave him that bliss. Seeing how easily he wrote music, he was drawn to it even though he only started recording after high school. Realizing his talent, people were drawn to his music almost right away. While music isn’t the only art Eldeezy has invested himself in, when he isn’t locked away with his music, he’s doing visual editing.

Being a fan of pop, dancehall, afrobeat and rap, Eldeezy has a lot of role models. He sees every quality musician as a role model, he studies their successful strategies and avoids their past mistakes. Eldeezy plans to make the best out his career. Using his and the real-life experiences of others, he brings an authentic sound to the table.

Photo Credit: Kwamina Baker & Eldeezy

Nice & Deezy Wins The Race

Eldeezy is big on time management and his education is extremely important to him. So, even though he loves his craft, he always finds time to focus on his studies. Though he balances his music and studies pretty well, he hasn’t had time to pick up anything extra. So, for now, his music career is his only extra-curricular. He’s in his final year of university and his time management plan hasn’t failed him thus far. I know some of us can’t say the same.

Even though Eldeezy’s worth ethic is ridiculous, he still finds time to wind down. Taking some time to be with his friends, meet up with a fan or even just chill in bed with some good music.

Photo Credit: Kwamina Baker & Eldeezy

Making music isn’t just a job for Eldeezy, it’s his passion. Sometimes things don’t always work out exactly as planned. So, he takes some time to re-evaluate his methods, then he gets right back on the horse. Doing a genre not native to where he’s from is no challenge to him. Focusing on what he loves; creating, adapting and reshaping his style comes easy to him.

Eldeezy loves where he’s from, but he also has huge plans for where he’s going.  One of his main goals is to make a huge impact on his society and music is how he’ll get it done. He may not have anyone in mind he’s dying to collab with next, but his new project ‘Don’t Know‘ is now out.

El Deezy isn’t to be taken lightly there’s nothing but greatness coming from him.

There is always a way out

– Eldeezy