Don Knock: I Rebranded My Music

A lot of musicians start out on a path that has nothing to do with music but eventually, life leads them straight to it. Don Knock has a story that didn’t start with music, but now his life is all about it. Born Tarique Rhooms, he grew up in Bull Bay, St. Andrew. Bull Bay is surf central for Jamaica, likewise, home to popular surf club Jamnesia and rastafarian community, BoBo Hill. He then migrated to the U.S when he was 12. Moving to New York was a new adventure for Don Knock. He met great friends and got into the arts. His drama classes opened him up to a world of performing, even teaching him music techniques he never knew he would need.

Bayside High School was a trip for Don Knock. High school brought a lot of firsts for him. He got his first girlfriend, got drunk for the first time and heard himself on wax(vinyl) for the first time. He managed the football team, became Vice President of his class and discovered his love for music. Starting out writing a few songs just for the fun and recording cheesy songs on a bad computer mic with his friends.

Don Knock
Contributed by: Tarique Rhooms

Don Knock A Bond That Can’t Break

The NY based producer didn’t start taking music seriously until he entered college. Being frustrated that he wasn’t doing what he loved, he turned to music. Starting a music factory with his friends, ‘The Fourth Coming’, doing events, making music, graphic design and the whole works. He and his friends really made a brand out of their love for music, even curating shows for huge concerts like SXSW and A3C. Booking big names like Ty Dolla Sign, Boogie and Justina Valentine and creating their own music-based web series ‘CyFOUR’. But with time, Don Knock was the last man standing in ‘The Fourth Coming’.

Even though he had no desire for nursing, he finished school and a got job he didn’t like. Still having his brand but not being able to give it his undivided attention took a toll on him. Finally coming to his senses, Don Knock did his research and turned his brand around completely. He revamped it into his own record label, Fourth Coming LLC. Focusing on building his brand, he went overdrive into his music. Filling his days with making beats, working on records, collaborating with artists and maybe a little Netflix.

Don Knock’s bond with music is unbreakable. Mesmerized by how music can change the atmosphere of almost anywhere and the mood of almost anyone within seconds. With his Jamaican roots, he’s a little biased to music that makes you want to dance like dancehall, but he loves music regardless of the category you put it in. He would love a chance to work with Travis Scott, Pharrell, Beenie Man, Popcaan, Kizz Daniel or Tekno and doesn’t doubt the power of music or his ability to make it happen.

Don Knock 2
Contributed by: Tarique Rhooms

A New Forth Coming

His brother, who is his best critic, along with Anik Khan and D-Tweez have played a huge role in his career. Always helping him improve his skills as a creative and pushing him to do better. Even having a track with Anik Khan ‘Mango Nectar’, has been some of his work and most successful track to date. Don Knock has also worked with Nigerian talent, King K.C. Getting a taste of the Afrobeat world and venturing from his dancehall roots, which he usually mixes with a little Hip-Hop and RnB.

Don Knock’s dedication to music is serious and his first EP ‘IV’ demonstrated this. Showing how far he has come with his music and how much he has achieved. Even though his journey hasn’t been smooth, he’s all about the music and it’s impact on people. Wanting his brand and its gradual growth to be an inspiration to those after him. In addition to inspiring them, he wants them to see that they can be in control of their destiny.

Above all, Don Knock is all about what the music can do and not how much it can make. So, he plans to use his platform to make people feel music the way he feels it. With his upcoming EP ‘Rhooms’, he plans to do much more than just the production. So, look out and listen out for Don Knock because he has so much more to show us.

Everything That I Want To Achieve, Is Achievable.

– Don Knock