Av&nte: In This Day & Age

Meet Owayne “Av&nte” McCaulsky, Artist performer and an all-around class act. Born and raised in the hills of Lawrence-Tavern, Jamaica. Owayne McCaulsky adopted the stage name Av&nte which is slowly but surely becoming a household name. Av&nte always had an inkling that music would be apart of his destiny. Reveling on his childhood pastime of conducting his own stage shows. complete with his own personalized drumset and cousin as lead singer, he was very in tune with his talent. Attending the Oberlin High School and being apart of every musical experience you can think of, he then moved on to the Edna Manley College of the Visual and Performing Arts to graduate with his Bachelors of Music Education.

Credit: Everton Gentles

Expounding on the time wasted that cannot be regained; he just wants people to be more aware especially in the times we are currently living in. When asked what was the inspiration behind the song, Av&nte stated simply life. Further explaining that there is not enough unpolished conscious reggae music. He hints at the idea that people have become sensitive to the truth and the ever-evolving times. Greenlighted by Lawrence L. Deacon Graphic Designer / Creative Director / Illustrator, who for the official release of Day & Age project, has delivered a properly branded emotion filled project where he finds himself delivering photo directing, single album art, website design ensuring a smooth reception on the digital platform with Av&nte.

Av&nte - Day & Age
Av&nte – Day & Age
Album Art By Lawrence L. Deacon

The Age for Wisdom From Av&nte

Av&nte speaks very openly about the place music holds in his heart. Uncomfortable with the fact that the genre has become so commercialized, he plans to use his pull to bring back the consciousness. A constant fixture in his life was his love for the song. That passion has led him to the release of music over the years but recently he took a new direction with his career, signing with Ireland Records, who released his new single “Day and Age”. The single which speaks heavily to the conscious minds of those who wish to take heed. Emphasizing on the opportunities lost to those who decide to overlook their goals and go the easy route of doing well-worked activities, instead of putting in the hard work and dedication needed to be successful.

Credit: Everton Gentles

Av&nte has major plans to have a career that rivals some of the biggest stars in the genre. With a well-worked EP in the pipe, we can expect much more from the budding star. His passion will only propel him upward. Bringing a fresh vibe and sound to reggae we can all look out for his performance scheduled on the 9th of May, at his Alma Mater: Edna Manley. With nothing but confidence, Av&nte plans to concrete his name in the game one sweet melody at a time.

There is nothing that cannot be achieved without hardworking and dedication. You just have to be willing to make that sacrifice.

– Av&nte