Jonathan Simpson: The Man Behind The Shrimp

Meet Jonathan Simpson, the 34 year old founder and CEO of Jabba’s Peppa Swims. Jonathan Simpson, a Kingston, Jamaica native had a pretty normal upbring. Raised in a two parent home with two siblings; Simpson found cooking with his mother to be their way of bonding. This consequently led to the skills behind his business.

Jonathan Simpson

Simpson explained that he worked in the financial sector for 10 years,but was soon left with the harsh reality of being placed on redundancy. He had two choices find another job or become your own boss. Jonathan choose the latter. During this time he explained that he had a side hustle. Cooking. He prepared lunch for the staff members of not only his bank but 3 others and while on his lunch break he would jet around making deliveries.

We were curious to find out if he ever faced difficult moment in life where he felt as though he wanted to give up. Simpson grew silent and explained that around 2008 he had lost all of his money in a bad investment. In addition to losing everything penny to his name, he spiraled into a very low place. Simpson’s sheer will and his own constant affirmations: ” that once he still has life, he has hope, ” became personal mantra. Words which guide him through every hardship.

Jonathan Simpson

With any business the customers are very important. accessibility to your products is also important, Simpson has products island wide. We asked him to speak on how his clientel affects his business. You could feel his joy radiating as he explained how much they keep him going.

They’re worth waking up at 6am Simpson explained, ” it seems almost as though they know when in down, i’ll get a message with warm words and it’s my perfect pick me up. Likewise I will get some hateful comments but those only motivate me to do better. ”

In essence all things considered we look forward to seeing how Simpson takes 2019. With talks of a new restaurant and a new collaboration we look forward to seeing the steady progress of this 34 year old entrepreneur.

Once you’ve been blessed with the gift of life never give up hope.

– Jonathan Simpson