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Pryce Jones: Rewriting His Life Story

Meet Sean ‘Pryce Jones’ Baker. A young man who has defied the odds and has allowed himself to be an inspiration to many who need an extra glim of hope. It was Craig Mapp who said, “If you can film an idea in your mind, follow that film idea shot for shot, scene for scene, that idea is worth making”. We see them ever so often. Many of us spend our lives binge-watching series and going to the theater to see great films. But do we really know about the people who have created the very films we stay up late to watch with a friend or lover, do we pay attention to the great men and women who deserve worthy recognition for sharing what was once a mere idea, drafted on paper to that of the art of bringing a whole script to life? Mastering the art of Screenwriting is no easy feat. Behind every great story seen on your screen is another story worth telling.

Sean Baker who goes by the name “Pryce Jones”, got this name from his peers at a young age as he was always trying to find a way to earn an income and in turn they gave him the name Pryce. Life for Pryce growing up was good until his father was incarcerated when he was in middle school. It was then that he started hanging out with the wrong crowd and that decision steered his life on a different path. Pryce grew up in Harlem, New York until he was 14 years of age and then his family relocated to Virginia where he started attending Chancellor Highschool. He took up screenwriting when he was incarcerated and had nothing but time on his hands. “Doing the Time” that would soon work in his favor as this was where the magic of teaching himself how to screen write developed. Pryce didn’t always see himself in Production as his first love was making music and being an artiste. His source of inspiration to write comes from either personal experiences or other people’s life experiences that he knows about personally. He says, “I love the creative process, being on set watching the talent bring their vision or my vision to life”. It usually takes him about a day to put together a solid idea. Though his mind bursts with creativity his creative juices at times don’t always cooperate. Yes, I do get writers block probably once a month, he says with a laugh, and I hate it!”

Pryce fell in love with the whole process at a young age and is now 1/3 owner of a production company by the name of Oddball Studios; a place where seeing is believing in the untold story. Providing quality work from a team of Directors, screenwriters and producers. “I love it even more” he says, “working with my partners Jamezz Hampton & Charles H. Wonsey because they are just as passionate as I am about filmmaking”. Pryce is the Executive Producer of the upcoming series “Out of The Mud” and credits himself along with his two partners having combined their creative thoughts & resources to make such a film. He came up with the name “Out The Mud” because it signifies coming from nothing to something and that’s the kind of message he wanted to convey to his audience. Out of The Mud focuses on a good guy from South Central that ends up getting involved in a life of crime that turns his whole life around. Pryce says that It wasn’t at all hard choosing the characters for this film, “the actors/actress we found were on the first audition, they were all great actors/actresses that fit the vision I wanted to bring to life”.

Even though his first love was making music and becoming an artiste, Pryce has still managed to hold on to a bit of that as he is involved in a lot of behind the scenes roles in the music industry. From ghost writing to being a bridge to great connections in the industry. Out of the Mud is his first project but he and his team have a lot of other projects in the pipeline. Pryce enjoys spending time with his loved ones and just simply enjoying life. He sees himself owning one of the biggest production companies in America, with several projects under his belt, and just all in all at a good place in life. The best advice he gives to those who aspire to write and produce films is as he put it a bit cliche but, it goes something like this

“Keep working on perfecting your craft & don’t let anyone tell you what you can’t do”.
– Pryce Jones

Sean “Pryce” Baker hasn’t thrown out his life script, he has decided to build on the many chapters of his experiences in this life and create for himself a life of endless possibilities, striving for what he wants and making his dream a reality. His story continues as he edits and learns from the flashbacks of his past. Rewriting his Life Story.