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Photography : Committed to a Passion with Jo Benée Morris.

Creativity. What is it? And just how does one get it? You see we all are born with a bit of creativity within us. Some of us readily accept it, while others are lost as it relates to having such. Being creative entails the use of mere imaginative thoughts we often times have, and turning them into reality. Creativity comes in all forms. Whether it be a producer with a story who puts his thoughts on paper to then create the greatest movie ever made, or a sculptor who envisions his figure and shapes his work of art. The artistic parts of us are waiting to be unleashed, if only we would recognize the sometimes hidden truth about ourselves.

Jo Benée Morris also known as (JOBY) of Joby Photography is a 19 year old student of The Edna Manley College of the Visual and Performing Arts. She is a Photographer who is currently in her third year at the college. She recalls having an obsession with cameras and taking pictures for quite some time. Her primary focus is mainly doing portraits and weddings, but also finds herself liking architectural and abstract photography. Joby has worked with many individuals thus far and takes real pride in her work. This has led her to receiving gold and bronze at the Jamaica Cultural Development Commission, JCDC for her two Journalism pieces entered. “It gave me true fulfillment. The process of taking your images from digital form to hard copy, printed and framed, then placed on a wall in a gallery space gave me true fulfillment not only as a photographer, but also as an artist”


Joby not only goes to school and manages her own Photography business but is also the Director of Photography for Teen Vybe Magazine, a Jamaican Magazine designed specially for teens. And has worked with many people such as upcoming young musicians. She has worked with ZJ Sparks, one of Zip FM’s female disc-jocks in Jamaica and Kevin Downswell, Jamaican Gospel artiste. Throughout her 3 year journey she highlights the fact that many underestimate her capabilities because she is very young and that she is a female. “People always want to use me for ‘experience’, as if I have no right to ask for money in exchange for my services” she says. But despite all this she still manages to keep her head held high and continue with her passion. Joby’s advice to others who are currently on the path of Photography is to “Keep pushing, keep practicing and getting better at your craft/art. Prove them wrong!”

You can find Jo Benée on instagram @jobyphotographyja or email her : [email protected]