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Marshall Roach: The Journeying Creative

In a world filled with creative minds, Marshall Roach is one that we cannot overlook. Not even in the slightest. Born a twin brother with a sister as his identical half , Marshall Roach led a simple life. Though he grew up in a single parent home, his mind was always focused on the creative experience. Experimenting with photos and videos he had at hand, he went as far as to amuse himself and friends by making mock companies complete with comic books and all the plans to sell t-shirts to create revenue. Marshall Roach wasn’t only a creative but he was also a businessman.

Labeling himself as a young creative hustler, Marshall knew he always wanted more out of his life. Pursuing a degree in his hometown of Richmond, Virginia he successfully obtained his degree in Graphic Design and Production Development, and even doing a small stint as an animation intern Roach was armed with what needed to make his next move, Relocating to the city that never sleeps. New York.

Marshall Roach
Contributed: By Marshall Roach

Roach reflects on his interest in the camera. His first-hand fascination with a video camera of the somewhat aged kind. Reminiscing on toying around with his parents old handheld VHS player as a child and filming skateboarding videos with his friends. As a youth with little money and a lot of time, it was a much wiser option. His move to new york is what spearheaded his career. It was the big apple that gave roach his drive to learn the art of still imagery. The principle he’s learned through design is something he can attribute to his everyday workings.

The Inner Workings of an Artisan

Marshall Roach is a man of many hats, with many stamps in his passport. Jetsetting to places like Nigeria, Texas, Philadelphia, San Fransico Just to name a few; he expounds on Nigeria being his favorite globe-trotting opportunity because it was the creatives’ first trip out of the country, and the trip that broadened his mindset the most. The world around him is what inspires him on a daily. From the subway trips to the jam-packed streets with dirty street signs, it is a plethora of inspiration. But even the hardest worker needs time to relax and unwind.

Roach even now still has his “Young Hustler” mentality on creating side projects, Traveling whenever possible But his most important project subject was himself: working on balancing the craft with a healthy amount of self-love, He believes “There’s no point in being the best, or trying to be the best if you burn out on the way up.”

Marshall Roach
Contributed: By Marshall Roach

Though he was born before the term content has taken the seeds it has today, not aware at the time that “the content of today would live on tiny 1×1 screens in our pockets” Marshall is very much ready to take on a new task. Developing his skills as a social media consultant. Spearheading a collaborative project with himself and his partner revolved around the narrative of tattoos and tattoo culture. He has a lot of work on his hands. When asked where he sees himself in 5 years Roach let us know Creative Directing is the goal long term. With hopes to lead a team of like-minded creatives and have a thriving career in the creative space related to social.

Do it for yourself. Try everything. Find your niche and work till the wheels fall off.

– Marshall J. Roach