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Kaylah Dawkins: Bringing a Bigger Picture

Kahylah Dawkins is a biology major who takes a mean picture. Born in Plantation, Florida to Jamaican parents, Kaylah Dawnkins comes from a family filled with creatives.  A mother and sisters who could write, sing and draw, an uncle in music and a grandmother who was a killer at baking. So, it was no surprise that she would have a hand in the artistic world. Going on to build her brand ‘KayDee Photography‘.

Kaylah’s run with photography started pretty young. She was always her older sister’s personal photographer, snapping photos of her in sneakers for a sneaker club. Growing up around a family that was always taking photos was probably what sparked her love for pictures. Her aunt always being the family photographer when it was time. Her real love for photography came in high school. Being the yearbook photographer, she was taking a lot of pictures. She loved how she could capture a story in a single frame and how those frames meant something different to each person. Finding beauty in the most random things you could think of, making a story out of them or just capturing them.

Kaylah’s yearbook work got a lot of attention from her friends. Though looking back, they weren’t her best work, but her friends loved them. Getting her to take photos from parties to just shooting a couple portraits. Photography was how Kaylah Dawkins expressed herself, it was her little outlet. The more pictures she took, the more her passion grew for it. Now it’s more than just her outlet, it’s her craft.

Kaylah Dawkins
Photo Credit: Navila Espinal

Kaylah Dawkins Big Moves & Manifestations

Her grandmother’s death pushed her to dive much deeper into photography. Not having much pictures of her grandmother dawned on her, leading her to take more and more photos. Kaylah finds herself doing lots of portrait work or photos for events. She has a strong interest in editorial photography, and she’s grown to love the rawness of photos captured by film. She hopes to get more opportunities to wet her feet in editorial to see what she can do. Admiring work by Renell Madrano and Ravie B, she wants to matriculate into the photography world as well as they did. So, being a big believer in manifesting your goals, she’s got that on her list.

Kaylah has a lot of thing on that list of hers. She hopes to collaborate with artists like Popcaan, J.Cole, Rihanna and Kehlani. Another plan of hers is to put her NGO into full effect. She plans to create a space for young people to explore their creative side. Bringing them together with all types of creatives to encourage them to exercise the creativity that they have inside and have guiding lights who express themselves just as they do. This initiative is close to her, giving her a chance to give a push to those who need it just like her grandmother did in Jamaica. So best believe a lot of manifestation is going on.

Kaylah Dawkins
Photo Credit: Navila Espinal

A Picture Says A Thousand Words

No day is the same in the shoes of Kaylah Dawkins and she likes it that way. She loves being busy because it keeps her on her toes. Juggling her photography, work and school isn’t easy but she loves the challenge plus its an investment in herself. Though most days are crazy for Kaylah, being the family woman, she always makes time for them. Even if it’s just to take a couple minutes to get on her mother’s nerves. Family time, a good Frank OceanJhene Aiko playlist, a glass of wine or just a beach day is a good time for her. Just enough to relax her mind to ready for work again.

Photography isn’t just taking pictures for Kaylah Dawkins. Her photography gives other people a chance to look through her eyes, even see the same story she does. Her aim is to keep people thinking and keep them inspired. Even though as an independent creative it’s a lot of hard work and to keep herself inspired takes a lot. She loves her freedom and her ability to execute her visions exactly how she wants, so, she wouldn’t change a thing about her journey.

Kaylah Dawkins
Photo Credit: Navila Espinal

Kaylah has a lot planned. In addition to her NGO that she’s been manifesting, she has a clothing line in the works. Giving up has crossed her mind many times. But, every time she takes a picture, draws up a mood board or executes a shoot, she remembers Vybz Kartel‘s words, “Mek sure she yuh hustle a yuh hobby”(Make sure your hustle is your hobby).

Even If You Don’t Accomplish It The First Time, Try Again.

-Kaylah Dawkins