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Kadane Cespedes: Passionately Immersed in the Arts

In an island perceived by the world as the most violent in the Caribbean Jamaica boasts children of creativity, talent, and determination. We have often heard it said in our society that the men cannot be found. Others have even said the nation’s future looks quite dim. But alas! There are young men within our society who have sought to become role models for those who look on. Young men like, Kadane Cespedes also known as Cespo, a young Jamaican man actively involved in whatever he puts his mind to, born and raised in Kingston, Jamaica. He is the epitome of what many would like to call the “Jack of all trades”. Kadane, a former student of the Clan Carthy High school in St. Andrew, was a very active student in his time as he would often do classes at The Excelsior Community College in areas of the performing arts, dance, drama, and music. He had a sudden interest in the area of Bartending and soon went on to do a certification course in Food and Beverage at Bars To Go.

He has since then ventured into other fields while still fully grounded in his love for the performing arts. He is an accompanist at the Edna Manley College of the Visual and Performing Arts, a drumming instructor at Ardenne preparatory, a drummer for L’Acadco, A United Caribbean Dance Force, that is widely regarded as Jamaica’s leading contemporary dance company. He says “It’s a joy to share my love for the drums with people and they are enthused about it”. Kadane is also a percussionist and plays for various artists such as Rasi, Zosia McGregor, Urim7, 5star, and the list goes on. He has taken on another title to the many hats he wears; that of working as an Assistant Videographer/video editor at Dash Productions. Dash is a media company owned by Jordache Jones and is based here in Jamaica. They seek to provide their customers with the best in media quality. He is extremely proud to be a part of this team. “Dash Productions is all about the awesomeness, being adventurous, spontaneous and working together as one. It’s built in the family” he says. Though not biological Kadane describes the closely knit team as such eluding to the fact that the members of Dash Productions function like a family. In the full sense of how a family should operate.

When asked what advice he had for youth out there in regard to following their dreams and just getting out there. He went on to say

It’s not where you start but where you finish. So keep working hard, set goals and have fun chasing them.

-Kadane Cespedes

A few years down the line Kadane sees himself alive and well doing all the things he loves most and being thankful for all that he has already achieved whilst adding on to what he already knows as he continues to grow. For those of you who still think that the men in our society are nowhere to be found, think again or should I say look again. They are among us. You may not see them for they are busy immersing themselves in that which makes them thrive. They are our future.

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