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Fate: The Bigger Picture Ahead with Patrick Planter

Patrick planter who goes by the name irish_image on Instagram is a full-time photographer who has been doing photography since the year 2012. He grew up in the inner-city community of Southside in central Kingston. When asked what inspired him to do photography he responded “I’m a lover of art, so choosing a career had to be in that field’’, he said. Tapping into his creative side he then applied to Edna Manley College of the Visual and Performing Arts for a painting class but then realized the class was full. It seemed as though all this happened for a reason he would soon come to see, as a photography class was the only class available for him. Upon doing so he realized that the little “point and shoot” camera wouldn’t do the job for that class. So he went into his savings. He had only $105,000 in his account and that was the amount he spent on the camera. “I closed my eyes and got that camera” and from then on he says, he never looked back. He realized that this was his true calling when he won his first award in Photography at the Jamaica Cultural Development Commission (JCDC) art competition in 2013.

Patrick currently works at The Gleaner Company in Jamaica as a freelance photographer. From covering food photography and doing photo shoots for the flair section of The Gleaner, Patrick states that there is never a dull moment. “I can’t pinpoint any one story, I value them all”. Though he may often times be occupied he always finds time to help other upcoming photographers in guiding them and sharing with them the do’s and don’ts of Photography, doing all this he says helps him in turn. “I’m not mean with what I already know”. He describes his journey so far as a very interesting one. If you ask Patrick his path of choice he’ll boldly tell you “ I am a photographer it’s what I do, that’s my passion”.