Kerron Clarke: Piggy Banks to Budget Plans

Old Habits Die Hard

A whole lot of people complain about spending their whole paycheck just two days after payday. Sometimes without even remembering where all their money went. Let’s just say Kerron Clarke might just have the solution for this. Coming from humble beginnings Kerron learnt to have an appreciation for every dime she had. From growing up in Discovery Bay, St. Ann with her mother, then moving to Portmore, St. Catherine with her father to attend Ardenne High.

She didn’t always have it easy in the financial department but her saving habits were no joke. Being broken into the habit of paying her church offering from her own lunch money, Kerron Clarke was oblivious to the life lessons her father was instilling in her. He was always encouraging her to watch how she spent her money. That, plus the piggybank her grandmother gave her as a child broke her into her crazy saving habits. She always filled her piggybank with coins she saved from school or any loose change she could find.

Kerron Clarke
Photo Credit: Dane Hucey

By high school she had the saving thing locked. Then next on her agenda was learning how to manage it so Kerron pooled her childhood lessons with all the business and finance books she was reading.

With her love for budgeting, Kerron Clarke created a system for it , rather a book called Budget Leaf Planner. Right after college when she got her first job and her father migrated, Kerron got her revelation after reading how small things had big impacts over time.

Initially making the book with herself in mind, she wanted to track all her expenses and spending habits. Seeing how much her little book had impacted the structure of her finances , she introduced it to her friends who then encouraged her to introduce it to the world. Even though she had doubt about going into such a niche venture, Kerron insisted on going forward with her book to inspire financial freedom in others.

Kerron Clarke
Photo Credit: Dane Hucey

Budgeting Time & Trusting Visions

Having a 9-5 plus running your own business isn’t any walk in the park. Investing her time after work in her business was a little tricky for her. For Kerron, budgeting her money was the easy part but her time? Not so much. Especially after having an interview with Television Jamaica (TVJ), her books were in high demand. Having to outsource for making deliveries island-wide (Jamaica). Even having customers in Japan and the United Kingdom (UK).

Even though Kerron Clarke started her business solely; teamwork makes the dream work. She is always collaborating with her friends or outsourcing, Utilizing workshops to aid in any area that needs improvement. She always wanted to develop herself in any way to benefit her business.

Kerron Clarke
Photo Credit: Dane Hucey

Kerron is self-driven. Although sometimes things go left, and she just wants to scream; she pulls herself together, dissects her problem, does research and gets herself back on track.

But naturally, everyone needs time to wind down or put their feet up. When Kerron isn’t doing a 9-5 or doing a 6-11 with her business, she’s doing some morning yoga, listening to some music and binge-watching some Netflix. She even takes a little time to do some touring and meditation.

Kerron loves being her own boss. However, there are challenges having work in the mix; sometimes she buries herself in work and may miss a couple of birthday parties. She loves her business and the creative freedom that comes with it.

Trust Your Vision.

-Kerron Clarke

Additional Photo Credit: Photographer: Dane Hucey Make-Up Artist: Jaredine Cole Make-Up Assistant: Brittany Campbell