Kalasia: Skincare Expert And Bigwig

When people say you are what you eat, it wasn’t a joke and Kalasia can tell you all about it. Kalasia born in Kingston, Jamaica, and raised on a farm in Trelawny, Jamaica, she’s a skincare expert. Growing up on principles of gratitude, putting hard work and respect, she didn’t know how much they would help her in her entrepreneurship journey.

Skincare is Kalasia’s baby. She’s been through so much with her own skin, so her passion for it is unmatched. Having good skin growing up in Jamaica versus suffering from terrible acne after she migrated to the U.S, inspired her to dive into skincare 100%. After realizing how important your internal health is to your skin, she wanted to tell and help everyone. She started ‘SKINETYX’ to do just that. Knowing the importance of skin to people’s health and overall self-esteem, her aim was to make as many people as possible look and feel good.

Photo Credit: Micheal Ernie Hall

Kalasia has a refreshingly positive outlook on life. Inspired by the reality that we can create the life we want for ourselves just through mere manifestation and motivated by the ability to help people, fuels her drive on the way to success. She believes everyone has a purpose and skincare is her purpose.

Her journey with ‘SKINETYX’ wasn’t easy, traveling miles to school while trying to start up her business was hard for her. She didn’t have the support she wanted initially but realizing the dedication she had to her dream, they really didn’t have a choice. Kalasia runs her business on her own. She manages the company’s social media, built the website, attends to clients and vendors all by herself. Doing all the work herself is hard but she plans to make additions to her team very soon.

Photo Credit: Micheal Ernie Hall

Kalasia Big Risk and Bigger Results

Kalasia like any entrepreneur knows running your own business is a risk. This risk comes with many sacrifices needed to keep the business afloat and she is up for the ride. She knows entrepreneurship isn’t easy and she’s ready to withstand the journey. Finding solution to her problems and adapting to anything that comes her way instead of dwelling on them. Kalasia’s principles of adaptability and learning from her mistakes has helped a whole lot along the way. She thinks everyone, even young people should take risks and make a lesson out of the risks that didn’t pan out to come back stronger.

Kalasia loves being her own boss. She loves the freedom to pick, choose, and refuse without answering to anyone but herself. Her business is her baby, but she always makes time for herself and her family. Starting her mornings with meditation, a prayer goes into some yoga, exercises, or walks her dog. Even though after all that her day may go into full work mode, she’s always hoping for another day.

Kalasia’s hard work is second to none. She has a lot more businesses in-store and a lot more plans for herself. So, with her drive and determination, no one can stop her, but her.

I embrace change, nothing is ever hard.

– Kalasia