David Ireland: To Build An Empire

David Ireland is a man always looking for the next opportunity to expand his brand. Hailing from Chesterfield, St. Mary David made his way from the rural of St. Mary to the urban of St. Andrew. Driven by the desire to succeed, he’s made his name a brand through the power of entrepreneurship.

David always knew 9-5 jobs weren’t for him. So, he decided working for himself was the best bet. His entrepreneurship journey started in Downtown, Kingston. Selling bag juices in the Coronation Market, the heart of Downtown and the largest market in the English-speaking Caribbean, was his first step on the way to success. His bag juice businesses started it all, after that he went onto selling onions and now, he has four operational businesses. The Ireland name is currently attached to Ireland Fruits & Vegetables, Ireland Records, Ireland Recording Studios and Ireland Auto Sales.

David Ireland
Photo Credit: Everton Gentles

David Ireland Creates, Not Contributes.

Ireland owes his management skills to his journey. ‘Live what you learn and learn what you live’ is a common saying that David lives by. Through learning and adapting, he picks up the skills and improves them. He admits that building anything from the ground up is hard, but he is his driving force. He never wants to be apart of someone else’s idea. That is to say, David always wants to be the one creating and bringing ideas to reality.

David Ireland acknowledges that challenges will come. He explains that bringing an idea to fruition is the most challenging part of entrepreneurship, but he’s always up for it. He sees every challenge as an obstacle to overcome, learn from and to brace for the next. Challenges are normal for him. So, everyday is a new challenge for him. A task just waiting to be ticked off his to-do list.

Calling himself a ‘work in progress’, he is always looking for the next opportunity. Ireland currently has four business ventures in three different categories. Being an entrepreneur, he admits that having a love for what you do is good. He also admits that a venture that doesn’t pay is bad business and being that generating income is in his genes, David isn’t in the practice of doing bad business.

Photo Credit: Everton Gentles

There’s Always More

With the help of his wife and eldest daughter, the Ireland franchises are all family-run business. His wife is a big part of the mother company, Ireland Fruits & Vegetables, that supplies produce to restaurants and hotels. Likewise, Ireland Records, even though David thinks it should be better named Ireland Productions, has worked with big names in Jamaican music. Ranging from Av&nte, Dexta Daps, Jah Cure and Lutan Fyah among others, he recalls good experiences collaborating with them.

Though motivated by the need to succeed, David loves to create. He loves the freedom to create. He loves the freedom of choice he has. But, above all, knowing an idea he had succeeded, is a push for him to do more. So, his mind is always on creating and doing. Even in his free time, his focus is on what he could do next.

David Ireland doesn’t know what giving up is or what it feels like. The moment he sets his mind to something, consider it done. Encouraging young entrepreneurs to find their purpose and pursue it, he already did and is still doing. In addition, David has plans to expand his current ventures and add more businesses to his empire. So, let’s see what will be next from the Ireland brand.

I’m Always In a State of Becoming.

-David Ireland