Davianne Tucker: Poised For Purpose

Davianne Tucker is a name to remember. A refreshing energy, with a story that only adds to her energy. Wearing the hats of a motivational speaker, digital marker, model and survivor; Davianne is a powerhouse, to say the least. Her journey wasn’t the smoothest of roads, but the bumps she endured gave her the strength she has now.

Growing up with her father in Brown’s Town, St. Ann, Davianne had a hard time. Suffocated by the downsides of living in a small town; like the gossip, limited opportunities and the bullying from her peers and adults alike. Though her community wasn’t a conducive environment for her, her father was her source of solace. Growing up with him, he always tried to keep a smile on her face and dared her to be different. Judging by her journey, she really took that advice and ran with it.

Davianne Tucker
Photo Credit: Jonathan South

Davianne Tucker was literally born to lead. So, as young as primary school she always held a representational position, completing the primary level as the Head Girl. Her natural stage presence was nothing to joke about and she always made sure to put her talent to good use. Entering high school, she didn’t leave her outspoken personality behind. Taking every opportunity she could to get involved, until bullying drove her to dim her bright light. This with the death of her best friend and hero, her grandmother, took a huge toll on her which was truly a test of her strength. But even though Davianne’s teenage years were rocky, to say the least, the strength she gained birthed a fighter.

Davianne Tucker
Photo Credit: Jonathan South

Davianne Tucker: Strength from the Struggle

Going to the University of the West Indies (UWI) was the real start of her brush with motivational speaking. Even though she’s been empowering people in her own little way since she was a child, university was the real deal for her. Emerging as Guild President at UWI gave her a platform to share her story and speak on things she was passionate about. Her knack for public speaking drew the attention of many eyes, opening opportunities to exercise her gift.

Public Speaking is really a playground for Davianne Tucker and the motivation she brings with it is just the icing on a really sweet cake. No matter what mood she was in, she could entertain, inspire and educate anyone you put her in front of. Any hat she put on, she didn’t disappoint. Whether it was the modelling, public speaking or digital marketing hat, she rocked it.

Words of encouragement come naturally for Davianne, but even motivators need a little motivation from time to time. Just taking a breath, looking at her story, learning from others and even just taking inspiration from music and literature is a big help for her. Searching within herself to not just find what she wants to say, but to above all, find what she needs to say.

Davianne Tucker
Photo Credit: Jonathan South


Davianne #MADEforMORE mantra is of self-empowerment. Sending a message that your make-up is perfect for your journey. Encouraging people to embrace the setbacks as well as learn from them to rise above them. Letting people know that we all have the capacity to do great things.

Davianne’s many hats and many jobs don’t stop there. She has one more hat and even though it’s hard to wear, she really pulled it off. Her job as a fighter is no joke. Her brush with Endometriosis was another bump in her road. It took a toll on not just her health but her confidence and the strength she took so long to build. But Davianne refused to dim her light another time in her life, so she didn’t have a choice but to shift into full gear. With her strength and the support she had behind, she was an unstoppable force.

Davianne’s story is one for the books. With all her struggles, her strength and passion is unmatched. Her lease on life is one of many aspiration to have. There’s only one direction for Davianne Tucker and it’s up. So keep an eye on her because MADE FOR MORE is an understatement for this queen.

We All Have A Duty To This World, To Leave It Better Than We Came.

– Davianne Tucker