Ashli-Ann Broughton: Modern Day Good Samaritan

For some helping people comes as naturally as riding a bike but for as others it’s as natural as breathing. Meet Ashli-Ann Broughton the work-a-holic CEO who has a passion for people. Being just 22, this young CEO brought a huge movement to her little town of Montego Bay, Jamaica. Ashli-Ann Broughton is the CEO and founder of the non-profit organization, ‘Street People Liberation Foundation’.

Growing up in Montego Bay, Ashli-Ann has an undying love for her little city. She went to Anchovy High then went on to Montego Bay Community College. This love Ashli-Ann has for Montego Bay later led her to create SPLF. She had her first encounter with volunteerism in 2011 when she joined the Red Cross. Ashli-Ann first project took place in Kingston, 3 years later in 2014, shortly after the foundation started where her team fed 70 people which was just the beginning.

Ashli Ann Broughton
Photo Credit: Kash Photography Jamaica Inc.

Her love for volunteering has no bounds. Giving back and helping has become apart of Ashli-Ann Broughton. Giving her a chance to take a step out of the world’s imperfect reality. Always putting her foundation first Ashli-Ann’s passion for helping people is her top priority. Currently making a change in her studies from law, she has a lot on her plate. Juggling a full-time job, school and running her foundation keeps her busy but she always makes it work. When Ashli-Ann isn’t busy helping people she’s busy being her own version of speed racer. Using any free time, she has for go-karting to blow off the steam from her busy days.

Even though Ashli-Ann seems like a one-woman charity machine, she gets a little help. Her right-hand man is her husband. Apart from having the job as her best friend. Her husband is her partner-in-crime when it comes on to volunteering. Being the co-founder of her foundation, he helps Ashli-Ann juggle the foundation.

Ashli Ann Broughton
Photo Credit: Kash Photography Jamaica Inc.

Little Ideas & Big Realities

With this support from her husband, the rest of her family and her love her people. Ashli-Ann is always inspired to do more for those in need. What started out as a little idea after seeing the misfortunes of a young man on her way to school. Turned into a much bigger movement that aims to help people who suffer the same misfortunes of the young man she saw years ago.

Even though time is against her having to keep up and manage her career, her foundation and school. Ashli-Ann Broughton only sees herself moving forward and upward. She sees big things coming in her career while still managing and building her foundation.

Uplifting Others Brings Out The Best In Us.

– Ashli-Ann Broughton