Sabina Nadraha: The 16-Year-Old​ Art Prodigy

The ability to define yourself and who you want to be is privileged, being able to do all that at before you could probably even read is a gift. Sabina Nadraha, The 16-year-old art Prodigy from Ukraine who was born to be an artist. Growing up in West Ukraine with an artistic mother, art was etched in her faith.

Becoming best friends with her pencils and paints, she made masterpieces everyone loved. Living in a small village with not much art programs Sabina became her own art teacher. Being creative since she was 6 years old, she has always used colors to express herself, Leaving pieces of herself on every canvas art, she knew art was her first and only stop.

Sabina Nadraha
Contributed By: Sabina Nadraha

Taking periodical breaks from art to reboot her creative juices. Yoga and music play a vital role in this process for Sabina using them as jumper cables in her creative process. She also uses the free time to be with her pets, friends and learn an extra language. When she is creating, she doesn’t shy away from coming out of her comfort zone. Motivated by the work of other artists. Sabina is always trying new ways to bring across her visions, whether it’s trying out new techniques or simply using different materials.

Drawing being her go to form of expression, Sabina developed a fascination with drawing people. Capturing the individual features that make them up. Even though she hasn’t found her own style yet. She’s a sucker for a shaded shadow, smooth contour paintings. Inspired by famous painter (Vincent) Van Gough and modern artists like, Henrik Uldalen. Sabina developed a fascination with Van Gough’s techniques and unique use of colours. Henrik Uldalen’s contouring style appealed to what she loved to see in paintings.

Sabina Nadraha
Contributed By: Sabina Nadraha

Following Her Destiny

Sabina’s dedication to her passion for art can’t be hidden. Spending almost a month on her school art project, including days she stayed back after classes. Taking her time to perfect her drawing of South Korean rapper, Kim Namjoon(RM). Creating her favourite piece as an artist. Seeing the world in a different hue than others. She believes herself and creatives like her are better communicators of their emotions. Heightening their mode of expression.

She believes if it wasn’t art should be exploring the world and learning different languages. The next step in this 16-year-old’s creative journey is university. Education is an important step for Sabina. Aiming to use university to improve her craft.

I put my soul into my work.

– Sabina Nadraha