Malcolm Garret: Making His Own Mark

Art has been in the picture for Malcolm Garret since the beginning. Born Malcolm Clayton, he always had an interest in art and drawing. This and his love for fashion was a recipe for his bright start in custom clothing and sneakers.

Garret has always been making his own designs for clothes and sneakers. Seeing that his plans for fashion school didn’t pan out, he worked his way around it. He decided he would learn about the industry from the inside. Getting jobs at various retail stores, he wanted to get his hands on the tricks and trades of the fashion world and the business you needed to know with it.

Malcolm started custom work in 2014. It just started out as another of his projects. He was always working on doing something new. Seeing how he can contribute to society. His custom business has been the one-stop-shop for custom clothing. Offering the public his creativity as a service in creating unique alterations to their clothes. Even doing his own designs when he gets bored with store-bought designs. His most popular and favourite shoe to work on are the Air Jordan Retro 1 HI OGs, he’s done his best work on these classics. He loves the ability to create something new out of a finished product, especially when he gets the chance to freestyle for his customers.

Malcolm Garret
Photo Credit: Malcolm Garret

It’s All About Growth For Malcolm Garret

Malcolm Garret is always trying to grow. Getting better at his craft or getting his name and brand out there. He believes in his work and takes a lot of pride in it. He’s working on making official relationships with big brands. Just as how he creates and executes ideas with his shoes, he does it with the building of his brand.

Malcolm admits that sometimes time is difficult for him to manage. But, like all the obstacles he encounters, he tries his best to deal with it. He takes his time, a day to relax and then he’s back on the horse to try again. Sometimes he gets lazy, but for him giving up isn’t an option.

Malcolm has no days off. He’s always thinking about or developing a new idea. If he’s not doing custom work, he’s doing photography and he’s not doing that; he’s coming up with something new. He’s deep into what he’s doing, and he doesn’t see himself turning back; he only sees growth. Above all, Malcolm Garret knows what he wants and what he wants isn’t to spend the rest of his life just painting shoes. He has high hopes to work with big brands and subsequently, have his own signature design. So, you might just pick yourself up a Malcolm Garret piece when you go shopping in the future.

My Mind Is Always Racing, So I Have To Act On Those Thoughts And Ideas.

– Malcolm Garret