Gabrielle Murdock: Beyond The Abstract

Gabrielle Murdock, a self taught Jamaican artist, is creating beautiful chaos in the world of realism and abstract art. Curiosity paved the way for a young Gabrielle; a budding creative fond of colors, shapes, and lines. Therefore, she thought of herself as the ‘crayola baby. Gabrielle viewed coloring books as a canvas and old sketches on sheets of paper for her Pinterest.

Gabrielle touched briefly on her source of inspiration; two renowned African artists: Nelson Makamo and Jimmy Law. Likewise, she identified her own style of art as somewhat a branch of the two. They provided her with the knowledge that she doesn’t have to be boxed in as an artist.

In 2015, Gabrielle realized that she would be in the art world for the long haul. After scrolling through her favorite app, Pinterest, a day before Christmas— Gabrielle realized she still hadn’t come up with a Christmas gift for her family members. It was at that moment, she put her artistic skills to the test. Consequently, a moment that set her on a different path than the law degree she was perusing.

Gabrielle Murdock
Contributed By Gabrielle Murdock

Gabrielle Murdock : The Artistic Enigma

Murdock’s art pieces are born from profound emotions that seamlessly address universal themes such as Self Identity, Self Love, Fantasy, Gender, Conflict, and Freedom. For example, ‘Mother of Men’ and ‘Women of Color in Color’; art pieces that translate into a new life of contemporary art.

Her uses of dashes, colored lines, vivid hues of monochrome shades conjure a strong emotional response. In particular, the distinct use of red creates an atmosphere of opulence and power.

Her collection of work strongly depicts a movement of realistic expressionism. As a creative, art acts as an escape route for Gabrielle; she fully immerses herself in her art to connect in a deeper way. During her work process, she is able to detach herself from the noise of the world around her — to create masterpieces of which she is most proud of.

Gabrielle Murdock
Contributed By Gabrielle Murdock

Having matured as an artist, the narrative of her work focuses on the livelihood of black women. Gabrielle Murdock’s avant-garde stylistic art, challenges the mind, and offers a unique perspective on the human body and life.

Embodying the determination needed to complete her goals, she integrates the genuineness of experience, not only in the making of her paintings but additionally in the representation of that authentic experience of acrylic paint on canvas.

Gabrielle’s ultimate goal is to continue to create a positive representation of black women. Gabrielle is focused on not only becoming the best version of herself but equally the best at what she does.

In the near future, she will be working on a project with Nesta Cater; a famous Jamaican sprinter to have her artwork on exhibition at his new dialysis center.

Don’t let the fear of failure, stop you from excelling. Success is being in a place that makes you happy.

– Gabrielle Murdock