Exploring The Depths of Scars with Author Daniellia A. White

It is no secret that all books are made from a variety of binding adhesives, printing inks and woodsy pulp. These combinations give a book its own interesting look and feel. However, it is the words of the story that makes the toluene smell a little sweeter when the pages of the book ages. Meet Daniellia A. White, Jamaican author of ‘The Depths of My Scars’, a master of her own craft who wants to change lives one word at a time with her autobiography.

If I could use three words to describe myself it would be fiery, bold and strong. The Depths of My Scars is an autobiographical book about metamorphosis and hope in the midst of scars and pain. I would be woken up by words being downloaded into my brain that I just had to get on paper. Writing the book felt like healing and the more I wrote, the more I wanted to touch lives and inspire others. We are not our scars.

– Daniellia A. White

Photo Credit: Pierre Marsh

In life, we all have stories to tell and the plot can thicken seemingly out of nowhere. Behind a person’s scars a better story can unfold into greatness. The highlight of her career is one that is spiritually aligned with God. Her meaningful work will give her the opportunity to reach out to broken women and girls to create deep conservations about overcoming. Time decides who you meet in life, and Daniellia will tell the world about her journey as the daughter of a Pastor, a Sickle Cell Warrior and a Survivor of Sexual Abuse.

Whilst I was healing and feeling inspired, I was also terrified because of the depth of the words that stared at me. The book became less about me and more about God, which became a dream or vision that superseded my ability to even fathom such a depth. It’s overwhelming to say the least. I have felt like running from the task countless times. But, one of the most surprising things that I learned about myself through this entire process, is exactly how strong I am as a woman and a survivor. I ooze strength!

– Daniellia A. White

Daniella A White

The Depths of My Scars is like a self-portrait of prose and poems centering on the author’s life. In 2019, Daniellia plans to dive more into spreading awareness as a sickle cell warrior both locally and internationally. She also plans to make available print and electronic copies of ‘The Depths of My Scars’ before summer. Even with her busy schedule , Daniellia is determined to read at least one book a month. She is considered to be a connoisseur of fine literature with a love for extraordinary authors such as : Charles Dickens, Ben Carson, James Patterson and  Michelle Obama. With such a collection of books, the reader should expect nothing short of an awe-inspiring book from Daniellia White as she shares a true story written to take our breaths away.

I do believe that my book, ‘The Depths of My Scars’ has an international reach because the story is not stuck to one demography, culture, race or time. The truth is, everyone of us, whether here or abroad have a scar that has crippled the way we see the image looking back at us everyday. Even though we would like to bury them, they remain tangible and real to us. The message is very relevant, the reality is very relatable and the inspiration is very needed. If you have gone through anything and are likely to bear a scar, this book is for you.

Daniellia A. White

Photo Credit: Pierre Marsh

Message to upcoming authors“ My message to upcoming writers is this Know first what you desire to write about. Then you have to decide on the why you’re writing. Then you write, do not rush the process, simply allow it to pour out of you. If you find that you’re stuck, change your environment, perspective, or rest. Sometimes resting is more than going to bed, sometimes it is enjoying the nothingness of a moment. When you have finished writing, allow it to sit with you first before you allow anyone else to interact with it, especially if it is autobiographical or based on a true story. You must allow yourself the right and privilege to feel every emotion that writing a book brings. Enjoy ALL aspects of the journey and, surround yourself with a team of people who can push you when you have no more fight left. They will motivate, uplift you and hold you up when you lose your strength. Get a team that sees your book bigger than you can in any given moment, they will not let you quit on your purpose or dreams.” – Daniellia A. White